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Ottawa charter

Exploring - Developing personal skills - Creating supportive environments - Strengthening community action - Reorienting health services - Building healthy public policy

lauren lykens

on 9 September 2011

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Transcript of Ottawa charter

Ottawa Charter in order for individuals to achieve good health, they must first develop the personal skills and abilities
so that they can make the positive behaviour changes to meet the demands of every day life providing individuals with information, education and life skills enables them to exert CONTROL over their actions and increases options available to them Developing Personal Skills Enabling people to make positive behaviour changes can
be achieved through: compulsory PDHPE lessons in schools, where proper an helpful education of health is provided using the media to encourage individuals to make positive health choices making sure information is provided and available to individuals time management seminars to develop skills around organising time to look afer your health develop communication skills, such as assertiveness skills develop health literacy skills to help individuals understand different health products and services Creating Supportive Environments the environments in which we live, work and play have a significant impact on an indicidual's health. communities play a significant role in ensuring these environments are conductive to good health. Collaboratively working with ,

to recognise and support individuals in healthy lifestyle choices is important. communities workplace and social groups Strengthening Community Action together and take action for their health get to see positive improvements in their environments. Communities that join when communities take control of their needs and decide how they can best work towards meeting these needs is essential for positive health behaviour change
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