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BPM @ SFDA Case Study - BBC Sydney 2012

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Abdullah Al-Haqbani

on 14 April 2013

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Transcript of BPM @ SFDA Case Study - BBC Sydney 2012

Balance Finding
the correct for
involvement in Process Improvement projects Mission Control Room Established 2003
Safety of Food, Drug and Medical Devices Something to know about How it all started Idea The real value that we provide to our customers
is the output of output processes. PROCESS VALUE Register Establishment Register
Devices Clear
Devices Inspect
Enforce process 1
process 2 VALUE Regulate 2006 2011 Number of employees 60 1400+ 2009 850 Processes Complexity OBPM Office of BPM Cultural Change BPM Police BPM Business Process Architecture PI Framework Consultant? Implementer? Office of BPM Involvement Business Unit Involvement Increasing BPM Maturity 2. It's the horizontal (cross-functional) process view that matters 1. To improve the final value you must improve the process 3. To achieve OBPM goals:
Create the base (methodology and BPA).
Promote & Educate.
Make sure the methodology is followed correctly 4. OBPM involvement should change depending on BPM maturity Recap We believed that underneath all these big challenges, lies an opportunity to add value and minimize waste User resistance to change
Lack of understanding of what BPM is
Extending ownership across departmental boundaries
No single, identifiable process owner 400
Operational blocks 1400+
Employees Processes
Complexity SFDA Operational Overview operational
blocks 400 ? 100 ~ 500 3 days ~ 1 hour Inspect
Enforce Automation Inspect Establishment Auto Follow-Up Auto Scheduling Auto Notification Auto Resource Allocation Decrease Error Margin (Increase Quality) Auto Escalation Order Hardware Trigger Medical Insurance Process Trigger Social Insurance Process Trigger Create Access Card Process Create Domain Account Setup Internet Account Setup Email Account Receive Inspection Request Add to shared excel sheet go through the whole list
suggest 3 dates for visit
confirm one date
plan resources (teams) for each visit
make sure there are no conflicts. At the time of visit: visit other departments and collect required docs for the inspection (license, history ...).
request and get a suitable vehicle to accomplish the visit. Generate inspection report Assess the case apply rules
contact Est. and ask for CAP
follow up for the providing CAP Plan the visits: After receiving CAP
(What and When) Medical Insurance
Social Insurance
Order Hardware
Schedule H.W. Installation Set-up: Domain Account
Internet Access
Email Address
Issue Access Card Trigger: On Board Employee #Contract Signed Start date Automate Overhead Tasks Automate Integration Triggers & System Tasks BPM
@ Thanks!
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