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All Sorts Of Wickedness

Performing The Past

Steve Jackson

on 26 October 2012

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Transcript of All Sorts Of Wickedness

All Sorts Of Wickedness Now Then, Sheffield - Milennium
Shopping Heaven
New Dealers

Various family orientated
Kelham Show
Others??? History Working Class theatre -

Littlewood to McGrath

SpiegelTent - Cabaret Style
Working Class History in working Class forms of entertainment Music Hall
Skits, sketches, song,
audience participation episodic etc A Popular Theatre Model -
A Good Night Out! PROCESS
1. Theatrical Frame / Meta-theatrical Frame Dramaturgical Conditions - Community Chorus / Contributors
Time Frame - Preview
Reading Between the Lines
Established Authority Vs Marginal Voices Dramaturgy Mike Pearsons occupations marginal voice - points of identification
and with authority - points of identification
most realistic scenes
reclaiming Coulishaw from propaganda Dramaturgical Map Our interpreation of dramaturgy Getting head round the relationships - like an experiment
Not using a writer in this case (keeping it fluid)
Montage of Attractions Multiple Dramaturgy's Brilliant Attractions
eg The Court Scene & Cut Away
The Dukes
Mining the material - meta union
Refining Coulshaw V Mary Union
The Duke's architect
Cock fight - a metaphor and historical fights
verbatim - appropriation of miners voice
amy and interfviews Unfinished Business Audience Response Core chracters - Cock Pit Pub, Cockpit; Mining; Dukes > Evictions marginal voices Narratives
Challenging Official History - satire Evictions could have been
show set in heart of conflict Doesn't shy away from its agenda
McGrath Class Conflict More research - can only ask looking back from this version The play is only finished when history is finished Talks of Performances as Ghosts Occupying Sites and creating friction with those sites
Although Not site specific performance
is occupying a research site and I think we were very aware like all good sites its authorship was being contested.
Very clearly say this is the game lead chacrters who frame the narrative deranged historical cleansers. Historical and social cleansing is much what appears to have driven the restoration The temperance movement
Anti-abolitionist literature
and pottery depicting both other political messages
Magic lantern - slides and propioganda - methodosts and rtrade unionist Project Brief Examples: sins of the cockpit
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