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Christina Kelso

on 16 January 2015

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Transcript of LinkedIn

What is LinkedIn?
A Brief History
2002 -
Reid Hoffman recruited a team of his old colleagues from SocialNet and Paypal to work on a new idea.

2003 (10m)-
LinkedIn was launched. Slow grow at first but showed enough promise to get an investment from Sequoia Capital.

2004 (100,000m)
- LinkedIn growth accelerates with the introduction of address book uploads and groups. They partnered with American Express to appeal to small business owners.

2005 (1,600,000m)
- Company moves into fourth office in three years.

2006 (4,200,000m)
- Launch public profiles. Claims stake as professional profile of record.

2007 (8,000,000)
- CEO steps aside to run product and brings in Dan Nye to lead company. Opens customer service center.

2008 (7,000,000m)
-Becomes a global company. Opens office in London and adding Spanish and French versions of the site.
Who Uses LinkedIn?
LinkedIn Advice
Why LinkedIn?
"Spending a little time on LinkedIn every day can deliver big rewards. This one resource gives you a dozen key tools for delivering greater value, growing your team, and building your personal brand" -
Forbes, 2014
use it as a database to find and screen employees.
Many view LinkedIn before taking the time to read through resumes.
use it to network, showcase their skills, post resumes, and market their services
LinkedIn is
search engine friendly
, with a high Google ranking. Profiles come up as top searches when employers look for candidates online.
Show what you want to show.
LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to control what people discover about you.
It's the
ultimate branding platform,
giving you the ability to upload pictures and videos of your experience fields.
All at One Time,
is Your Personal:
2009 (32,000,000m)
- Jeff Weiner joins LinkedIn as president, then CEO.

2010 (56,000,000m)
- Company shifts into hyper-growth, reaches 90 million members and 1,000 employees in 10 offices around the world.

2011 (120,000,000m)
- Becomes a publicly traded company on the NY Stock Exchange.

2012 (150,000,000m)
- Transformation of the website and company. Focused on three concepts : simplify, grow, everyday.

2013 (225,000,000m)
- By the end of the companies first decade they reached 225 Million member and have a growth rate of two members per second.
Agent / Recruiter / Salesperson
24/7 Billboard
Professional Association
Personal Website, Blog, & Portfolio
Reference Check
Teacher and Mentor
Career Coach
Contact Management System
LinkedIn allows you to organize and manage all of your contacts, with attached emails and profiles in your "LinkedIn Connections"
Provides continuity to your career, and when used consistently, becomes your accomplishment journal
Free way to promote your services to people who are looking for them, using keywords to create "planned serendipity"
LinkedIn helps you to stay up to date in hot topic news and conversations to stay relevant
Community and testimonials validate the accomplishments on your resume
Showcase your expertise, points of view, brand, and accomplishments all in one place. Option to create a multimedia portfolio.
Connects you to professional communities and conversations
Free way to promote your services to people who are looking for them, using keywords to create "planned serendipity"
LinkedIn is there when your not, and is often the first impression a potential employer, recruit or client receives of you when researching on Google.
“It’s not Facebook. It’s a professional, business-oriented site packed full of contacts and resources that can assist you in landing your next job.”
–Tara Goodfellow, managing director, Athena Educational Consultants
5 Tips for Using LinkedIn Effectively

Expand Your Profile
Use Keywords
Help People to "get you"
Link Widely
Seek Expert Help
Discover professional opportunities & build professional identity or brand
"connect the world's professionals to make them more productive and successful. When you join LinkedIn, you get access to people, jobs, news, updates, and insights that help you be great at what you do."

The world's largest professional network!
The world's largest professional network, LinkedIn has more than 300 million users in more than 200 countries and territories
User Ages
18-29 15%
30-49 27%
50-64 24%
65+ 13%
User Salaries
< $30,000 (12%)
$30,000 - $49,999 (13%)
$50,000 - $74,999 (22%)
>$75,000 (38%)
Becoming increasingly popular among college graduates approximately 50 percent use LinkedIn

It's the only platform where those ages 30-64 are more likely to be users than those ages 18-29
So How do I Join?

Easy! You can sign up online
Just Grab Your Phone and
Download the App
A full 70% of users give the site a 4 or 5 rating (out of 5) in a 2014 study conducted by Forbes
Once you've downloaded the app open it and you'll be brought to this screen
If you're not already a member tap "Join now"
You'll be brought to registration page where you'll need to put in your info to join
Tap "Join now" when you're finished
Once you're in you'll be brought your home screen
Here you can:
See what news others are posting
Stay updated with your contacts progress
Track your own changes to your profile
To access the toolbar tap here
From here all the tools LinkedIn has to offer are a tap away
To begin editing your profile tap here
Here you'll be able to:
Change your profile picture
Monitor profile views
Edit your profile
Preview your page
Tap Here
On the next screen you can fill out information such as:
Previous job experience
Education Level
Skills & Expertise
A summary of yourself
and list your contact information
Tap the LinkedIn in logo when you're done
Now let's try the "Jobs" tab.
Here you can browse through a number of job offerings based off your skill set. If you select one of the offerings you'll see:
Job requirements
Company history
Apply or save job
Skills required
Under the "Companies" tab you'll be able to see what companies you're following
Keeps user updated on popular news stories across the globe
In the search bar you can look through:
& Groups of your interest
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