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Trip of a Lifetime in Europe

No description


on 26 April 2016

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Transcript of Trip of a Lifetime in Europe

Ta'Janae and I will travel to Paris,France and London,England.
A Map of Europe
Ta'Janae and I went on an airplane to Paris and London on British Airways and the cost was $1,948
Transportation/ Expense
Ta'Janae and I stayed at the hotels Hotel Da Vinci at Paris,France which costs $346 per night. Also, we stayed St. Ermin Hotel Autograph Collection which costs $244 per night.
We packed clothes,headphones,electronics,money,purses,and mp3 player. Ta'Janae took cooking stuff and makeup for herself.
Packing List
Trip of a Lifetime in Europe
By: Merly Hernandez-Diaz & Ta'Janae Clinton
Hotels/ Expenses with food
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