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5E-Model vs. Madeline Hunter Lesson Plan

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Jasmine Briones

on 13 April 2016

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Transcript of 5E-Model vs. Madeline Hunter Lesson Plan

Comparisons of the Lesson Templates
The templates are both ways to construct a lesson plan.
Step-by-step guide on how to properly make the lesson plan.
Each subject in the templates serves a purpose to build the lesson according to the way the lesson will be taught.
I choose the 5E-Model because...
I feel that the 5E-Model does not make you think as much and be specific compared to the Madeline Hunter Lesson. For the Madeline Hunter Lesson, one can really be specific and make sure that the lesson consists many opportunities for students to be re-taught. For the 5E-Model, it is pretty straight forward without following so many steps. The specification in the Madeline Lesson made it clear on how differently it had to be addressed because it included many more steps. The 5E-Model did not feel as complicated compared to the Madeline Lesson because it flowed smoothly while I struggled more to fill out the Madeline Lesson.
Madeline Hunter Lesson
Requires more than 5 subjects to fill in.
It is more specific and repetitive.
It asks more information to be added in.
The lesson template takes longer to build up.
It only consists five subjects in the entire plan.
It is straight forward and does not consist much of specification.
Steps to make a 5E-Model is not difficult to do.
Each of the five subjects contains its own purpose but relate to one another.
Madeline Hunter Lesson Plan

The 5E-Model is a type of lesson template that only has Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate/Extend, and Evaluate.
The Madeline Hunter lesson template is a type of lesson plan that requires specification in order to teach a lesson.
Lesson Plan Models
Thanks for watching!
By: Jasmine Briones
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