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Zozo C-W

on 25 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

1955 - Birth of Rock and Roll Rock
Roll Mainstream
Pop Rhythm
Blues Country
Western middle class
white urban
black rural
white The SONG is most important music publishers + sheet music pianists played the songs in stores songwriter ≠ performer a performer is a song stylist music was regional 1910's - radio spread the music soap operas, comedies, adventure, variety and music shows appear in the radio David Sonanoff: "why not music in pictures?" Bing Crosby America's favorite uncle The Andrew Sisters Amazing vocal harmonizing The Mills Brothers Black people singing for white audience. Frank Sinatra singers were "attached" to bands Teen idol Les Paul invested in tape recording "inventer" of the solid body guitar b4 1945 country & western were different Ralph Peer recorded south eastern music gospel related songs west - swing & cowboy Jimmie Rodgers - blue yodler & singing brakeman Nashville, Tennesse - home of C&W music super station - wide area covering WSM radio - Grand Ole Opry show made/consumed by African Americans originally called Race Records Bessie Smith Sold over million records Robert Johnson Expressive and raw Chess Records - Indie label in Chicago Atlantic Records from NY used 8 track Sun Records - Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash Alan Freed "invented" the phrase - Rock & Roll Doo Wop - one hit wonders Gospel Hokum Blues - Sexual themed songs Birth: 1955-1960 Teenagers appeared
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