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Sarahy Rodriguez

on 20 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Sarahy Rodriguez
Sandra Gomez
Letcia Calderon
Joana Cardona How is objectivism presented in the story? Rand's Philosophy. Self-Interest is identified as the pursuit of happines for the individual.
Man must exist for his owns ake, neither sacrificng himslef to others nor others to himself.
The pursuit of mans self-interest and own happiness is the highest moral purpose of his life. How are the characters presenting objectivism in the story? How does using the story to argue a philosophical idea affect how the story is told?
Ayn Rand's novel, Atlas Shrugged is more complex than others.
Ex: Hunger Games vs. Atlas Shrugged Does Rand succeed in making an easy to understand philosophical text by weaving her theories into a story? Thank You for your time!(: Atlas Shrugged and Obejctivism VS. Story telling over philosophy Philosophy over storytelling Dagny and Hank are seen as the heroes both in the story and in Ayn Rand's philosophy.
James and Francisco are considered the villans. VS. Heroe Villan comparison the comparison between sibilings allows the readers to understand two different perspectives of her philosophy objectivism
Dagny and James Taggert
Hank Rearden and his brother Hank and Dagny's succes Ayn Rand's philosophy of objectivism interferes with the plot of the actual story because of her numerous concepts.
One concept is the conflicts between Dagny and Francisco.
Another concept is how Dagny and Hank try to get answers about an old railroad company but kept on getting denied any answers. Hank and Dagny's succes provides an understanding of her theory because they don't sacrifies others for their succes The John Galt Line Naming the new rail road The John Galt Ayn Rand supports here philosophy objectivism through power over control
power over control on The John Galt is significant because Dagny has the power to change what people believe about the name John Galt The Government The Government was a constant obstacle for Dagny and Hank in which Rand makes it possible for the readers to understand her philosophy objectivis
The government contribute to Rand's philosophy since they in many occasions believed that Dagny and Hank were being selfish as they become successful One of several doctrines holding that all reality is objective and external to the mind and that knowledge is reliably based on observed objects and events. Rands philosophy holds that of reality, which reality to Ayn Rand exist as an objective absolute. ex. independent of mans feelings, wihses, hopes or fears. Another thought into Rands philosophy is Reason which is man's only means to precieving reality, his basic mean to survival. The book is all about demonstrating how Objectivist ideas can be used in daily life, and why those ideas are so important. The essence of Rands philosophy follows that of Objective Reality, Reason, Self-Interest and Capitalism. Self-Interest CAPITALSIM The idea of capitalism is asystem where men deal with one another as traders by voluntary exchange to mutual benefit.
Government can only act as a policeman
Example: Hank and Dagny,are successful, hard-working businesspeople who don't put up with people like James Taggart and are often described as "selfish" James and Dagny
Targgart dismisses gender prejudice
female hero romantic
doesn't think of herself
real world is "unreal" optimist She heard the rising, accelerating sound of the wheels – and some theme of music, heard to the rhythm of the wheels, kept tugging at her mind, growing louder – it burst suddenly within the cab, but she knew that it was only in her mind: the Fifth Concerto by Richard Halley....She saw Rearden's face above her, she held his eyes and her head leaned back, so that her face lay still on the air under his face. ( typical villainvictim of his own wacky ideology.
uses people's emotions against them and seems to enjoy causing other people hurt, embarrassment, and anger My sister. My dear sister. Oh, she'll think she's so great, won't she?"Because she thinks she's so good. What right has she to think it? What right has anybody to think he's good? Nobody's any good. [...] I mean, we're only human beings – and what's a human being? A weak, ugly, sinful creature, born that way, rotten to the bones." ( Francisco d'Anconia Playboy
Maintaining the values of childhood and his past love(Dagny) That was my love, that state of the human spirit, and I left you to fight for it, and I knew that if I were to lose you, it was still you that I would be winning with every year of the battle. But you see it now, don't you? You've seen this valley. It's the place we set out to reach as children, you and I. We've reached it." (
very wealthy businessmanstraight
honest Because he felt an exultant desire to laugh – as he had laughed at the news of Wyatt's fire, as he had laughed at the crash of d'Anconia Copper – and knew that if he did, the thing he feared would hold him, would not release him this time, and he would never see his mills again. (
Memory and the Past
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