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Dante's Inferno: 9 Circles of Hell

The 9 Circles of Hell

Amar Rajgiri

on 27 October 2013

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Transcript of Dante's Inferno: 9 Circles of Hell

Dante's Inferno: 9 Circles of Hell
The first circle of hell consists of non-Christians and unbaptized pagans. They live in a castle with 7 gates that symbolize the 7 virtues. In the castle Dante finds well-known Greek heroes and thinkers, including Aristotle and Homer.
Circle 1 - Limbo
In this circle or layer of hell, people are overcome by lust. For punishment, strong winds blow them back and forth to prevent stability and peace. Dante found people, like Cleopatra and Tristan, in this layer.
Cirlce 2 - Lust
In this circle, Dante finds souls of gluttons overlooked by a monster named Ceberus. As a punishment, sinners are punished by being forced to lay in a vile slush that has never ending icy rain. Dante meets a person named Ciacco in this circle of Hell.
Circle 3 - Gluttony
Amar Rajgiri
People in this circle were punished for their greed. They had to constantly push weights with their chests, which symbolized their selfishness during their lifetime. Dante saw many clergymen, such as popes and cardinals.
Circel 4 - Greed
This circle of hell is where the sullen and wrathful people are punished. As Dante goes through this circle on boat, he sees the wrathful fighting on the surface of the Styx river and the sullen drowning beneath. Here, Dante meets Filippo Argenti, a Florentine politician that gave him troubles in the past.
Circle 5 - Anger
As one of the more violent punishments, the people in this circle are condemned to eternity in flaming tombs. The people that are punished are heretics. Dante saw some famous people, like Epicurus and Pope Anastasius II.
Circle 6 - Heresy
This circle is divided into 3 rings. The Outer Ring contains murderers and other violent people sinking in a river of boiling blood and fire. In the Middle Ring, there are suicides that have been turned into trees and bushes, fed upon by harpies. In the Inner Ring, there are blasphemers and sodomites in a desert of burning sand with burning rain.
Circle 7 - Violence
The eighth circle is by the fraudulent and to get there Dante flys on the back of a monster named Geryon. It is divided into 10 Bolgias. The first Bolgia has panderers and seducers that are whipped. The second has flatterers that are submerged in excrement. The third has people guilty of simony that are hung upside down with their feet on fire. The fourth has sorcerers and false prophets that have their heads backwards. The fifth has corrupt politicians that are in a boiling pitch. The sixth has hypocrites that are put in robes of lead and the remaining four have hypocrites, thieves, evil counselors, and divisive individuals.
Circle 8 - Fraud
All residents of this circle are frozen in an icy lake. People were submerged deeper within the ice depending on how serious the sin committed was, which is categorized in 4 Rounds.
Circle 9 - Treasury
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