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Digital Bio & Biotech Startups for UG Athens

No description

Raymond McCauley

on 3 April 2013

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Transcript of Digital Bio & Biotech Startups for UG Athens

Your chance to try it...
Consumer access to research tool
"Recreational genomics"
Disease risk, carrier status, genealogy Human Genome Project
2001, 13 years

Celera Genome Project
2001, ~3 years

454 James Watson Genome
2007, ~2 months

Illumina Yoruban Trio
2008, 6 weeks

Illumina Consumer Sequencing
May 2009, 2 weeks

Illumina Consumer Sequencing
June 2010, 1 week
$9500 = $19500

Illumina Consumer Sequencing
June 2011, 1 week

Personal Genome Project (Various)
Jan 2012, 3-7 days
$2000 Singularity
University Raymond McCauley
for Thinc Week at UGA
March 2013 for your attention raymond@raymondmccauley.net DNA Structure DNA Sequencing Biology now falls under Moore's Law Raymond McCauley biochemistry
electrical engineering
computer science bioinformatics
nanotechnology genetic engineering DNA sequencing personalized health DISCLAIMER These are my opinions and are not intended to reflect the views of any group or organization with which I may be affiliated. Reading DNA twitter: @raymondmccauley
email: raymond@raymondmccauley.net DNA Sequencing Economics Cost Exponential Biosciences Creative Commons 3.0 license
Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 systems
biology DNA Sequencing Tech 5X ~ 10X

Computer Tech
1.5X ~ 2X past: Biotech Chair, Singularity U
Co-Founder, BioCurious
Principal, Exponential Biosciences

Current Research Areas:
Personal Genomics
Cancer Sequencing 2020 2016 2014 2020 = = = = Watson, Crick & Franklin Source: National Human Genome Research Institute, Exponential Biosciences in 2008,
Illumina HiSeq
200+ gigabases of DNA
2 human genomes
in 5 days
less than $10,000 each Complete Genomics
Life Technologies/Ion Torrent
Pacific Biosciences
Oxford Nanopore Genomics'
Greatest Hits Pharmacogenomics Cancer Rare Disease Treating a patient for
a particular
lung cancer


Treating a patient for
cancer of the PI3K pathway Drugs 1578 approved drugs
240 with genetic information
Just 21 shown in 23andMe sources:
http://www.23andme.com/ Drug:
Clopidogrel (Plavix)
Reduces blood clots. Treats heart attack and stroke

rs4244285 = AG
rs4986893 = GG
rs28399504 = AA
rs41291556 = TT
rs12248560 = CC

CYP2C19 *1/*2

Reduced clopidogrel efficacy
(higher dosage needed).

Me! CYP450 Cytochrome P450s ADME/Tox Absorption
TOXicology Longevity People who never got:
cardiovascular disease
neurological conditions Nicholas Volker's story
"One In A Billion:
A boy's life, a medical mystery" Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel,
by Mark Johnson and Kathleen Gallagher Nic Volker Pharmacogenomics Cancer Rare Disease Longevity First Human
Saved by
DNA Sequencing Q: Best way to live a long time?

A: Pick good parents! Every Disease
is a
Rare Disease... Stephen Kingsmore &
Center for Pediatric Genomic Medicine prepare samples
sequence DNA
digital analysis 4.5 hrs
25.5 hrs
20.0 hrs ~ $10 000 per case
"very helpful" in 7 out of 9 cases so far Innovation Lessons
from being in
an exponential business Find an exponential trend,
then hitchhike A prototype beats a plan Product Development Process (PDP) typical product:
18 month development cycle,
9 month market life

make new & rev old products
core team leaders involved from start
phase-gated milestones
manage technical and business risk Nothing fades faster than last year's technology 2008
$500K Today
$1 marginal cost,
market segmentation
& value-added services 1 human genome + interpretation
= $5000

4 human genomes, raw data
= $6000

1 human exome
= $1000

1 human "gene scan"
= $99 Closing Thoughts In the future,
if it is made out of atoms,
you will make it with biology. What does your industry
make or use? Biology as Technology Batten Disease Finding Ends a Diagnostic Odyssey for California Family
Bio-IT World January 24, 2013 Dylan Jacob Dietrich Stephan at Hanahan & Weinberg

Hallmarks of Cancer:
The Next Generation

Cell, March 2011 Singularity
University Acromegaly ostreolin
peptide somatostatin analog
Genentech deal for $545M Underdiagnosed
Difficult to diagnose
Presents in adults Genetic cause!
aryl hydrocarbon receptor interacting protein (AIP)
chief cause? of pituary tumors Companion
Diagnostic? as part of full genome scan version 3:
Illumina Custom OmniExpress+ BeadChip
Assays about 1,200,000 SNPs Gene Scan Gene Sequence most interesting/best known
1.2 million bases
0.04% almost all
3.2 billion bases
100% DNA Microarrays Tools What can you do about
being at risk for
an unpreventable disease?!? It turns out, lots of things:

prevention - vitamins, avoid UV
testing - Amsler grid
new opthamologist
investigate clinical trials
support research
don't put off that trip to the Louvre... Try it... So What? Personal Example When I first found out about
my AMD risk
it was
"untreatable" & "incurable"
but Genentech
now has 2 treatments available footnote or need to unmake? What's Next People Teams Interdisciplinary Innovation Lessons
from being in
an exponential business Find an exponential trend,
then hitchhike A prototype beats a plan Product Development Process (PDP) typical product:
18 month development cycle,
9 month market life

make new & rev old products
core team leaders involved from start
phase-gated milestones
manage technical and business risk Nothing fades faster than last year's technology 2008
$500K Today
$1 People Teams Interdisciplinary = DNA sequencing
and synthesis prices
continue to plummet Synthetic
Biology * Hype Cycle but... Raymond McCauley @raymondmccauley +1-650-776-4561 Thank you Founders include Sergey Brin, Anne Wojcicki, Mark Zuckerberg "Curing intractable diseases and extending human life" First 11 prizes of US$3M each, bigger than Nobel awards... Digital Biology: Life is the New Black Anxiously watching Intellectual Property Hopefully watching Crowdfunding Nobody
me... Democratizing DNA * Scaling Problems Cells are not
computers Democratization
Biotechnology How fast can you get to
"Hello World"
with 2 guys & a laptop in a garage? a hackerspace for biotech

First and largest biohacker lab in the world

Committed to making biotech
accessible, affordable, and open to everyone

a place to "experiment with friends"

501c3 all-volunteer community lab, supported by monthly memberships and classes Let's do that for biotech! iGEM 2004 international
competition iGEM World Jamboree 2010 We teach
classes... bioprinter project We build things.. OpenPCR $599 DNA Copy Machine We mentor the
next generation
of scientists
and technologists We support inventors
and entrepreneurs We take safety
and security
seriously In the last year,
19 startup companies
have done work
and recruited partners
at BioCurious We build
community BioCurious/FBI
Joint Conference on
June 12-16, 2012 http://openpcr.org/ Garage Labs When we talk about garage labs
in Silicon Valley, we aren't kidding... Helixis Real Time PCR Industry: $30,000
Helixis: $13,900 How does
sound? The Biotech
is Here! If you've got: Who wants to build something? Dremelfuge Centrifuge = $57 >$500 on Shapeways used, on eBay Research Tools Better, Cheaper, Faster US$750000, a PhD in molecular biology, and a fully equipped lab Weird Indicators / Inflection Points What do
we do? iGEM Inaugural Competition, 2004 More tools in more hands
More Breakthroughs Watching in
rearview mirror Regulatory Profound
Personal & Commercial
Consequences medical care
insurance Covers
Disease risk, carrier status,
genealogy, random stuff

What do you want to know?
Some of your info also applies to family...

Privacy: to share or not to share?
Do you want to be found by long-lost relatives?
Health insurance protected by law (GINA)
Life insurance, long-term disability is not Rare Disease
is the Long Tail
of human health... Coming Soon! epigenomics
your name here + omics from a research lab near you! metagenomics Peter DiLaura, CEO Practical Advice
Use antibiotics wisely
Eat like ancestors
Get a dog metagenomics market segmentation
for your bacteria = Crowd-Sourced
Metagenomics New Engineering School at Stanford Bioengineering Big Deal? What was the last new school at Stanford? Hint: established 1965 Answer: Department of Computer Science Graduates built Silicon Valley
& triggered the computer revolution We are everywhere... currently tracking
23 community labs
200+ individual labs
on 6 continents Algae Chassis Project a new kind of Pharma Deal Collgard Biopharmaceuticals
licensed compound halofuginone (HT-100)
to Halo Therapeutics for $1M Duchenne
Muscular Dystrophy
(DMD) Meet the Halo board of directors... The Seckler
Family the Wicka
Family DIY Drug Development Orphan Drug status in US
Thumbs up from EU's Treat-NMD
Clinical trials start 2013 “We are ready to be the ones who get to make the decision of go or no go on this one." - Thomas Wicka You let
kids go hands-on
with blowtorches?!? Why, yes!
Yes we do! 5 year old Harlan
makes Calcium burn red. If it's so great,
why doesn't my doctor have it? sequencing = easy interpretation = hard Writing DNA DNA Synthesis What do we make? Genetic Engineering
Software Development is now as easy as typing ...and about to get easier Do you
believe? Human PGD
mitochondrial therapy
germ line therapy "Redneck Genetic Engineering"

bone marrow replacement
HIV cure
Nic Volker cure
Gene doping How long until
genetic engineering
for babies? How long until
genetic engineering
for adults? + + $600M The Business of
Pitch... Scientist
None of the Above the Story Musgrave degree plan
dare to be dumb
good translators needed
break down departmental barriers Don't Be
Polite Do interrupt
with questions establish
credibility Scientist as Entrepreneur Good Bad Not So Ugly Top 4 Mistakes business is a discipline too many secrets not enough secrets nifty tech v. solving a problem Yali Friedman
Journal of Commercial
DrugPatentWatch Meetup / Hackathon
Demo a technology
Build a prototype
24 hour business plan Funding VCs to Angels to F&F (Grandma) Crowd-Funding (Everyone's Grandma) Non-Dilutive Funding (SBIR/STTR) "I don't think these individuals were pledging money because they thought they were gonna make a million off of it. They wanted to support the brand that they liked. [...] What I see on crowdfunding sites, as they exist now, is you have an idea that you like. Could be your local coffee shop, could be your favorite cupcake. And you invest in it because you believe in the product, not because you're gonna make a million." - Patrick McHenry (R-NC) "No Funding" Strategies Model to Reality
Business Model to Reality
Med to Vet
Unusual animal models Microloans
Peer-to-Peer Loans
Equity BuyaBeerCompany.com Meet the Halo board of directors... The Seckler
Family the Wicka
Family Marketing... Computer Science = Gateway Drug to Bioinformatics Kausar Samli
& Thank You ZFPs
CRISPRs $16 000
$8 000
~$800 Terns Lab
@ UGA Rockstar Genetic Engineering Tech Systems Biologists
Network Biologists
= Rockstars the future is entirely interdisciplinary Paul Spinrad
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