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State of Oregon

State of Oregon - Enterprise Technology Services

Wally Rogers

on 14 September 2017

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Transcript of State of Oregon

Redesign of Oregon.gov
Useful, usable information architecture
Feature online services
Mobile first content strategy
Approach every aspect with tasks in mind
Focus on Search

The Process
Bi-Annual Survey of Oregonians
Survey of public on Oregon.gov
E-Governance Board Sub-Committee
Card Sorting Usability Studies
In-Person Usability Studies
Analyze analytics
Survey of public on new logo
Engaging Stakeholders
E-Governance Board
Electronic Portal Advisory Board
Chief Information Officer Council
E-Gov User Group
More than 25 iterations on design/functionality based on feedback and testing results

Mobile First Content Strategy
A mobile-first content strategy means designing website structure and content for mobile devices first, desktops second.

What is content strategy?
“Content strategy is the practice of planning for the creation, delivery, and governance of useful, usable content.”
- Kristina Halverson, Content Strategy for the Web

Why Mobile First?
Mobile first provides accessibility for more citizens.
• 39% Americans without college degrees only or mostly use the Internet on mobile devices
• 59% of Americans who make less than $30,000/year have no Internet access at home
• 30% of the U.S. users are mobile only or mostly mobile.
• Mobile users expect faster load times on slower devices

Responsive Design
The design and development of the website or application should respond to the user’s behavior and environment based on screen size, platform and orientation.

The result is a single website that responds to the device accessing it, restructuring content and layout to accommodate different screen sizes and orientation.
Oregon has focused on what matter's most to its residents
Existing Price Agreements
Brokered Capacity
Cloud and Collocation
Communications Special Procurement
Hardware - New!
State of Oregon

Enterprise Technology Services
Operations / Production Services
Tickets resolved per Month Failed jobs per Agency
Spotlight on.......
Enterprise Technology Services www.oregon.gov/das/ets
Presented by Daryl Kottek, Michelle Brady, Nandi Hermann, and Darin Rand
More than 2300 Servers
Two IBM pSeries 595 Mid-range Servers
Each p595 has enough computing power
to run Boeing's Commercial Aircraft business.
and 10 times the computing power
of what it takes to run Nike's worldwide
retail operation
One Mainframe IBM z196
More powerful than what drives the New York Stock Exchange
One mainframe z196
2.1 billion transactions per second equivalent to everyone in the USA snapping their fingers more than 3 times per second
Storing over 7000 terabytes of data.
equivalent to 700 times the amount of printed material maintained by the library of congress
Formed more than 6,500 years ago, Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the United States.
Oregon's Columbia River Gorge is considered by many to offer the world's best windsurfing. Of course, those "many" are mostly people who think it's funny to watch windsurfers crash into rocks.
12 Frames
1 frame
4 way engines
2147 MIPS
265 MSUs
128 GB memory
ETS Sustainability Program

Legislative approval to replace aging infrastructure (approx. $40 million over a 5yr term)
Strong customer support and engagement
Develop funding strategies to sustain ongoing replacement of equipment within its defined life cycle
Staffing strategies to support the initial efforts and ongoing sustainability
Mechanisms to collect the necessary revenue to support growth
Projects for life cycle replacement
Hosting Services
Storage & Back-up Services
Disaster Recovery
E-Government Services
Application Services
Enterprise E-mail Service
Network Services
Your One-Stop for IT services!
Hosting for mainframe and server-based applications
Mainframe, Midrange, Linux and Windows
Virtual and Dedicated
Development, test and Production Environments
Application development, customization and maintenance
using best practices methodologies
State network access at various bandwidths with Internet connectivity
Wired and Wireless Local Area Networks
Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)
Site to Site VPNs
Firewall and IP Management
DNS and DHCP management
Intrusion detection services
Wireless LAN and PtP
Preparation for major disasters
Disaster recovery plans for applications hosted at our data center
Disaster recovery site for your data center servers
Disaster recovery contracting coordination
Available to all state agencies, board and commissions
Provide email and calendars through Outlook email clients, web browsers, and mobile devices
Oregon.gov email addresses
Email archiving options

High availability storage for all server platforms
over 5 petabytes of storage
Storage Area Network
Various storage options, including near-line, offline storage, shared and dedicated
Back-up, restore and recovery
shared or dedicated
Custom usage reporting

Solutions for government agencies' online needs
Online Web Content Management currently provide over 160 websites
Online E-Commerce processed over 1.93 billion in 2013
Online data catalog which is a single platform of Oregon's open data
Web or Mobile-Based application
Enterprise Collaboration
The world's largest sea-cave is located near Florence, Oregon, and is populated mostly by round-bellied sharks and shredded wetsuits.
Formed more that 6,500 years ago, Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the United States
Oregon's Columbia River Gorge is considered by many to offer the world's best windsurfing. Of course, those "many" are mostly people who think it's funny to watch windsurfers crash into rocks.
Strategic Plan
Our strategy is designed to focus on what matters most to our statewide IT customers. It is the bridge between the state's most critical business problems and the service outcomes with the highest impact.
Our mission is to provide reliable, agile and flexible IT service choices while optimizing the state's IT investments.
Socializing our strategic plan.
24x7x365 on-site staffing
Up/Down device monitoring
Mainframe Batch Scheduling & Prod. Control
iSeries Production Control
Off-site media handling, DR media coordination
Building Security / Facility alarm monitoring
After hours Service Desk
After hours Incident Management
Event Management
CA Workload Automation ESP edition r11.4
4000+ batch jobs processed on average per day
4 production lpars (3 z/OS, 1 iSeries)
Failed jobs auto-create RT tickets
Date driver utilization for parms
Request based ad-hoc job schedules

Daily, weekly and monthly reporting on tickets created, resolved, still open, number of failed batch jobs per agency for trending, event and problem management purposes
z/OS 1.13
9 lpars
IMS regions: 12
CICS regions: 40+
DB2 regions: 12
TCP/IP: 3 LPARS running 2 stacks, 6 running 1
1 LPAR VM w/LINUX, 1 LPAR running VM with a VM guest, and 1 VM
Before the Data Center
Moved into the State Data Center
State of the art Data Center
Largest producer of
- Christmas trees
- Hazelnuts
- Iris
in the United States.

Largest producer and processor
of sweet cherries in the world.
IBM 3584 Tape Library

In cooperation with the State of Montana our data is replicated to disk at the remote site. This allowed us the elimination of 11 frames of our Automated Tape Library system. The last frame is scheduled to be removed in less than a year.
IT Service Management process maturity progress

Hosted Telephony
Will release any day

Services - Later This Summer

Network “ring”. POPs in 10 key cities. Fiber failure redundancy.
POPs in multiple location create a more competitive market for last mile
Redundant connections to the internet. 2 different providers out of 2 different cities
Reduce internet traffic with multiple redundant peering connections
Migrated to Metro Optical Ethernet (MOE) instead of Frame Relay for WAN connectivity. Benefits include: Speeds faster than Frame Relay, speeds that are more scalable than frame relay, less expensive then frame relay

State Wide Area Network
The John Day Fossil Beds National Monument of Eastern Oregon were formed over 35 million years ago by different volcanic eruptions and changing climate patterns.
Willamette Falls – 17th widest in the world (1,500 feet wide, 40 feet high - Second largest waterfall by volume in the country (Niagra is first)
CommVault Logical Infrastructure
2 backup generators with smart grid technology
We have partnered with the local electric company in such a way that when there is peak demand on the electrical grid, THEY can fire up our generators . One powers the data center floor, taking the SDC power consumption OFF the grid, the other feeds power INTO the grid. Both approaches yield in additional power available to the general consumer. In exchange for this, the electric company performs monthly tests with the generators, performs all required maintenance on the generators, and keeps the fuel in the 1000 gallon tank fresh.
One z114 Mainframe
Located in Helena, MT Data Center
Used for DR purposes
In the last 2 weeks of January 2014, a very successful DR test was completed in cooperation with the Oregon Department of Transportation. During the test ETS was able to provide the operating system to customers in a matter of hours instead of days or weeks under previous DR strategies. This was a huge accomplishment and was a major milestone in ETS providing a resilient infrastructure for its customers and the citizens of Oregon.
Mainframe software consolidation money savings equaled approximately 1.8 million dollars in savings.
Hitachi SAN environment
For additional information contact:
Darin Rand

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