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Greek Spear (Dory)

No description

Kevin Gyimah

on 23 January 2015

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Transcript of Greek Spear (Dory)

Astronomical bodies chemically richer than stars
Threshold 1: The Big Bang
We can only Speculate
Goldilocks Conditions
We can only Speculate
Creation of the Universe
Hydrogen and Helium
Threshold 2: Stars Light Up
Hydrogen and Helium
Goldilocks Conditions
Little changes in the density of matter
New Complexity
New Structures in "Hotspots"
Temperatures > 10 million degrees Celsius
Super clusters
Goldilocks Conditions
Stars running out of Hydrogen
New Complexity
New Chemical Elements
Giant Stars collapsing
Threshold 4: Earth & Solar system
New chemical elements
Goldilocks Conditions
New Complexity
Clouds of chemically rich matter
Gravity, accretion, and random collisions

Threshold 5: Life on Earth
Goldilocks Conditions
Perfect amount of energy
New Complexity
New Complexity
13.8 Billion Years Ago
13.6 Billion Years Ago
Greek Spear (Dory)
Solar system
Threshold 6: Collective Learning
Goldilocks Conditions
New Complexity
New organisms with
Maintain and fuel themselves
Adjust to changes around them
Gain new characteristics over time

Interactions between individuals and between communities
Precise, versatile, and symbolic language
Powerful Brains
Complex chemical compounds
(DNA and RNA)
A new species,
Homo Sapiens, uses collective learning to:
Connect to each other
Adapt to the environment
Pass information to other generations
Aging and dying stars
Threshold 3: New Chemical Elements
12.9 Billion Years Ago
4.5 Billion Years Ago
200,000 Years Ago
3.8 Billion Years Ago
What caused the Big Bang to occur?
We can only speculate
How will the forces created during the big bang continue to aid the creation of the elements in the spear
Gravity plays a large role in the creation of stars which leads to new elements
What are the fundamental forces created right after the big bang?
Electromagnetic forces, Nuclear forces, and gravity
What is the heaviest element that can be created in a star?
Iron, which also happens to be found in the Dory.
What chemical elements created during this threshold are involved in the creation of a spear?
Iron, Carbon, Oxygen, Hydrogen, and Nitrogen
It was a hot ball of
molten lava. It was
gaseous, full of CO2.
When did Homo sapiens appear? and how did they continue the path to the spear?
Who used the Dory and when?
The Dory, specifically was used by Spartan hoplites in their time and massively in the Greco-Persian Wars from 499-449 BCE
What was early Earth like?
The universe, elements, and forces required to start the process that creates the components for a spear, all began at the big bang.
How did early Earth come to possess all the chemical elements required to create the spear?
Due to the process of accretion, all of the chemical elements came together, starting with the heaviest elements first. including those in spears
200,000 years ago. Humans played a key role by first developing iron and woodworking so that the shaft tip and end-spike of the spear could be made
By simply aging and dying, the stars that lit up created elements such as Hydrogen, Oxygen, and Iron, which are necessary for the creation of the spear.
The new chemical elements from the stars creates astronomical bodies like planets and the solar system with the help of gravity, accretion, and random collisions. The process of accretion also included the elements in spears in the buildup of earth.
Earth with a good environment for life
Collective learning enabled humans to collect and build upon information gathered by themselves AND others. Techniques and procedures used in finding resources and creating the spear are developed through collective learning.
The beginning of life on earth started the evolutionary process, which continued on to create humans, who were the creators of spears and are able to use such tools.
The stars that light up are the scene for the creation of all elements required for creating a spear. Without this step these elements would have to be created during supernovas.
What were the first forms of life on earth?
Simple single-celled organisms were the first forms of life to appear on Earth
What are some features of ancient spears found by field archaeologists
Ancient Greek Dory were said to have been 7-9 feet in length with an iron tip, and iron or bronze butt-spike.
By Kevin Gyimah, Myles Ashitey, and Seungmin Lee
How does the Spear fit into Big History?
The spear in itself does not drive big history and is not spoken about in big history. It is connected to Big History only because it is a product of collective learning and is made through processes that were refined by different people.
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