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Aerobic respiration in Pea Seeds

No description

Jamila McLeish

on 27 March 2017

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Transcript of Aerobic respiration in Pea Seeds

By Jamie McLeish and Gracia Gu
Aerobic respiration in Pea Seeds
Aerobic Respiration
Respiration rate will scale with pea size
Larger seeds have shown contain more resources than small seeds (Ellis, 1992)
Larger seeds have many advantages over small seeds and usually have greater percent germination (Cideciyan, 1982)
We sorted peas based on comparison of size, three sizes: small medium and large
Is there a relationship between pea size and respiration rate?
Biology discussion
Same as original lab
Small peas
Large peas
What we changed from the original experiment:
No thermobator tube
No water tube
No respiratory quotient
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