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Tour of the World

No description

Alice Lin

on 31 March 2015

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Transcript of Tour of the World

Study Abroad/Travel

- Government rules and regulations require citizens to obtain a national ID.
- Nubians, Kenyan Somali, and coastal Arab minorities suffer a higher standard.
- Reduced to second-class status.

Illinois State University
About RI:
Quick Facts
Burkina Faso

- View national ID card as a right, not a privilege
- Streamline national ID registration process
- Push for greater resources for protection

The Sahel-the zone between the Sahara Desert and the Sudanian Savanna
Sahelian countries are considered the most vulnerable, in the world, to climate change.

-100,000 Syrians killed, 6 million displaced
-Conflict has made it difficult for humanitarian aid to assist
-Syrians have a choice: Live in danger or risk seeking refuge where they may not be welcome

-Spring 2011, conflict broke out aka Syrian Civil War
-Political opinions were causing turmoil within the nation

In the past decade, erratic rainfall and droughts have become more frequent.
In 2012, The Sahel experienced a major food crisis as a result of poor rainfall.
Also, armed conflict broke out in Mali.
50,000 refugees living in Burkina Faso

Tour of the World
Refugee International Headquarters

-RI has recommended support for services that support Syrian refugees residing outside of camps
-Humanitarian aid needs to be universally available
-RI is appreciative of contributions
-RI has proposed to the US and other nations to offer a warmer reception to refugees in their nations
-Powerful messages like this will set an example for the rest of the world


The arrival of the Malian refugees placed significant stress on local populations.
RI is pressing the U.S. government to increase its financial support to Malian refugees and its host communities.
RI also requested that the U.S. State Department appoint a Regional Refugee Coordinator.
Some refugees are taking extreme measures to find sources of income and safety.
Background Information

RI reports that these new forms of migration present serious protection risks.
RI calls on the United Nations and other major donors to better track this displacement and better protect those that have been affected.
The donor resilience programs remain stalled and face enormous challenges.
- Dadaab is a refugee camp in Eastern Kenya.
- Home to over 463,000 refugees
- Extremely understaffed
- RI has pushed for more protection at Dadaab
Call to ACtion
Primary Ways to Donate:
- Monetary Donations
- Donations of shares of stocks
- Donations through AmazonSmile and eBay Giving Works

How Monetary Donations Are Used:
- In 2013, 85% of RI's expenditures went to their advocacy and education programs
- Sending experts into the field for research purposes

Non-monetary Donations:
- Internships
- Donations such as plane tickets, services from caterers, florists and professional photographers
- Volunteer opportunities in Washington D.C.
Internal conflict between official and unofficial army groups (ie. guerrilla groups)
Since 1985, at least 4.1 million displaced individuals
As the Colombian government tries to patch up some things, illegal groups assert control over different territories
Floods affect people and area also
Conflict continues to worsen
370,000-500,000 refugees escape to different countries
Illegal armed groups of Colombia still had power over some regions of Ecuador and Venezuela
Millions of dollars raised for flood relief
Humanitarian crisis still persists
RI advocates Colombia's Victims and Land Restitution Law
U.S. Agency of International Development will fund it over the next three years
They want to get as many people back in to safe living spaces as possible
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