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Aquafresh White Trays

No description

Ashley Russell

on 16 February 2011

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Transcript of Aquafresh White Trays

Product Innovation Charter Background GSK & Oratech saw a potential to enter the teeth whitening market Focus Technology: the new product should have better teeth whitening properties than previous products Marketing: the new product should offer superior customer value, be easier to use, and be worthy of carrying the Aquafresh name Goals & Objectives Bring the best quality product to the market without sacrificing time or the VOC Guidelines Keep brand at a high level of satisfaction and sophistication no matter what Case Study:
Aquafresh White Trays

Ashley Russell Opportunity Identification & Selection Oratech and GSK identified an opportunity for a more innovative, consumer-friendly product Concept Generation They used benefit and technology to generate a concept for the product's form, based on consumer feedback and current market trends Concept/Project Evaluation They evaluated the project using GSK's R&D and marketing teams, and Oratech's technology team and decided it was a worthwide endeavor Development GSK brought in consultants to fix development problems before they delayed time-to-market or sacrifice quality due to development issues Launch Aquafresh White Trays were launched in early 2007, beating sales forecasts and ultimately going on to be a top player in the teeth whitener category New Product Process What accounts for the market success of the Aquafresh product? The companies made sure the quality of the product was never sacrificed in order to speed up development or the launch time What can be learned from GSK's perspective, and also from Oratech's perspective, about making open innovation work? Each company recognized the strengths of the other, and made the partners accessible at all times in order to work efficiently together Product Concept Benefit: Customer sees value in a simple, fun to use, and good-tasting teeth whitening system.

Technology: Oratech already owned the patents to the technology and just needed a physical form.

Form: Since competing products were messy and difficult to use, GSK and Oratech knew they had to create a more molded tray that wasn’t as difficult. Finding the Right People Both companies had already recognized the potential in the teeth-whitening sector, and were able to find the right people to help them enter the market. There were already successful companies in the market (P&G and Colgate), but GSK wanted to use open innovation to make an even more successful product. Management's Role in Creativity From the beginning, there was a policy of open communication on both sides. If one partner ran into a manufacturing problem, the other was able to find a solution to it while being supportive under stress. Both sides recognized mistakes and worked together to find creative solutions. Case Questions Chapter Concepts Questions?
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