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Evidence Based Claims

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Deanna Korzelius

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Evidence Based Claims

Evidence Based Claims What's a claim? It is cold outside.

What would be strong evidence
to prove it is cold? Let's look at a more science based claim: States a conclusion you have come to...and you want others to think about. School lunches What are some claims you can make about school lunches?(What conclusions can you come to about school lunch that you want others to think about?) 1. School lunches are delicious.

2. School lunches
are healthier than they were last year. All parts of a claim must be supported by specific evidence you can point to, so which is the better claim, 1 or 2? Which can be supported with specific evidence? A. It feels cold to me.
B. The thermometer reads
-10 degrees Fahrenheit.
C. My nose developed frost bite. The claim "Smoking has been shown to be hazardous to your health" was once considered to be an opinion until strong and plenty of scientific evidence over time led us to accept it as fact. We have been making claims in class about the texts we read. Examples:
The director successfully turned The Outsiders book into a film.
Buck is a good leader.
The setting of The Call of the Wild and White Fang show that the Alaskan wild is dangerous.
Strong claims demonstrate knowledge of and sound thinking about a topic. It would be a bad idea to make a claim that Hal, Mercedes, and Charles were good dog owners. To state this does not show knowledge and sound thinking about The Call of the Wild. Let's get started!
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