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Honesty Honestly Honey

No description

Avri Spilka

on 27 July 2013

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Transcript of Honesty Honestly Honey

Allows space & time for emotional & intellectual processing
Allows for real communication
& conflict resolution skills to
as each issue
is navigated & negotiated
wax on, wax off
Allows real trust to develop
in the relationship
as each issue is processed
& successfully resolved
"Trust is the real currency of relationships" - Christel Breedt

"Don't rock the boat" mentality
Fear of rejection/abandonment/judgement
Fear of hurting the other person
Fear of change
Fear of feeling negative emotions
Established dishonesty habits:
e.g. rationalising, omission, martydom

Practice feeling the fear & being honest anyway
Practice makes perfect
Honesty is a journey
it brings you closer to the truth,
yourself & each other
Practice being sincere & frank
...it will set you free!
by Avri Spilka, Sex Educator
Johannesburg polyamory events organiser
hosted by zapoly & ctrl-Alt-sex
What is Honesty?
The ability/space to
express oneself freely
Free of deceit or fraud -
overtly or by omission
Free flow of information
Why be honest?

Willingness to feel unpleasant emotions & have challenging conversations
Be willing to screw up
Compassion when others screw up
Openness to vulnerability
How to be honest???
For more info visit: www.polyamory.co.za

Sincere & genuine
Challenges you to reflect,
take personal responsibility,
make changes & take action.
Honesty & growth begins with you
"Honestly honey,
did you know that Frank...
Exercise time!
What stops us from being honest?
A lot of quality talking!
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