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2013 Social Media Workshop

This presentation was given during a Social Media Workshop of the Downtown Association of Fairbanks on 2/25/13 as a members-only benefit.

Amy Nordrum

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of 2013 Social Media Workshop

"A number of studies have indicated that the most important source of new customers for small firms is recommendation from existing customers."
(Stokes & Lomax, 2002)
...and small business owners tend to agree.

81% of those surveyed by Linkdex, a company that helps businesses increase online marketing presence, said word of mouth is their most important marketing tool. (Cox, 2012) Word of Mouth "I already have a website." The Catch Why Bother? It's all about REACH.

"A business wants their message to reach as many people as possible. To maximize this reach, a business needs to have a presence where customers are hanging out; and increasingly they are hanging out on social networking sites.” (Halligan, Shah, and Scott 2009) For those just getting started with social media, 59% spent between 1-5 hours a week; those with experience of a few months or more spent 6 or more hours per week.
(Cox, 2012) The Good News Marketers reported an overall reduction
in marketing expenses. (Cox, 2012) PLATFORMS which to employ, and which to ignore. a social network for professionals
interested in furthering their careers. a microblogging website that allows users to post 1-2 line updates (140 characters) and tag others using # or @ a social network that connects users with their friends, enemies, favorite brands, team mascots, and local events with options to engage with and propagate content through “shares" and "likes." a photo stream and social network site that
enables users to filter and tag images. a digital photo sharing site that creates albums to be tagged, shared, and categorized in accordance with friends or brands. ... IGNORE Tips to Implement EMPLOY EMPLOY IGNORE IGNORE Identify Your Audience Create Content
for Your Audience Tailor your message with this in mind:

What's new?
What's personal?
What's coming up?
What can you offer that will match their interests?
What does your audience need in their daily lives? Many sites provide demographic information for your followers.
Remember that their friends are also your potential customers, so create content they can share and pass on. To get started, consider the following:
Are you targeting individuals or other businesses?
Who would benefit most from your product? Your messages, posts, online profile, and marketing strategy should be directed toward the customers you wish to attract. They may be most easily distinguishable by age, sex, income level, or physical location (downtown employees on lunch breaks). You may know a ton of information about them, or next to nothing. Either way- it's best to start here and build your content around this message. DISCLAIMER: You may have different audience(s) who use product/services in radically different ways. You'll need to craft messages for each. Consider all the options. Marketing Goals Continue to plan your social media strategy on a weekly, monthly, and annual basis.

Schedule a block of time (20 min - 1 hour) each day to work on social media OR have a routine to post at the same times throughout the day (ex. 10AM, 2PM, 4PM)

Schedule posts (when appropriate) ahead of time using Facebook's "Schedule" function.

Train a few members of your staff to update, which lessens the burden on you and integrates different voices.

If you lack the time or capability to build successful social media accounts, outsource it. It's important to consider how social media can further the goals of your overall marketing plan at your business. What gaps can social media fill, and how can it enhance outreach efforts already underway? Which of these is most important to you in 2013?

Increase awareness of my business to new customers
Win back returning customers
Create "buzz" around a super cool product or new service
Boost attendance at events
Connect with a new demographic of customers or clients
Establish more professional connections with other businesses and owners. Great Content Examples from right here in Fairbanks HooDoo Brewing Co. Fireweed Consignment Speedy Subs Great Harvest Bread Co.
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