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Bohr model :D

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sarah johnson

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of Bohr model :D

Atoms are awsome! ;D Well im going to be teaching you how to make a bohr model of an atom! Well first off you have to write down
For protons, electrons neutrons, valence electrons and energy levels. Step 1 :D When you choose an element you have to write down all the information about it. Such as the protons neutrons ect. After you do all that look at the periodic table to see what period and group its in to get the valence electrons and energy levels. You get the energy levels by the period the element is in. And you get the number of valence electrons from what group it is in The bohr model is just the atom being explained in an picture. The way you get protons and electrons is by looking at the atomic number of the element. And once you get those two you need to subtract the atomic mass by the atomic number to get the number of neutrons. Which ever period it is in that is how many energy levels it has. And which ever group it's in thats how many valence elctrons it has Step 2 :D
After you get all information and lay it out, you draw a box and on the inside of the box should be p and n for protons and neutrons. And around the box which represent the nucleus, should be the energy levels of the element. Now once you've done all that you need to put dots to represent the number of protons on the energy levels. On the first energy level you can only put two dots (protons.) and the most you can put on an energy level is eight protons. A=P=E M-A=N Method ;)
Atomic number
Atomic number
This is an easy method to remember. Atomic number equals prtons which equals electrons. Then Atomic mass subtracted by the atomic number gives you the number of neutrons. Byeeeeee :DD
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