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Iran's Nuclear Program

Geography Project. Due 4/26/2010

Charles Barnes

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Iran's Nuclear Program

Iran's Nuclear Program Overview Iran's current state: Iran currently is attempting to make both plutonium and highly-enriched uranium. (WMD) Iran is also seeking nuclear-related equipment along with materials to allegedly make energy programs. (WMD) Russia is contributing to their efforts Iran looks like this We infer that surrounding countries are afraid of Iran abusing this technology. Conflicts With Iran slowly obtaining nuclear materials, we're staring at a new cold war but on a much more dangerous scale. It's a much larger threat because of terrorist organizations, they are not afraid to destroy what stands in their way. Since the terrorists are undaunted in their quest for supposed world domination, surrounded civilizations are wondering: Who's next? Effects of the Nuclear Program All of this nuclear talk is also affecting Iran's economy Because of the fearful influence of the nuclear activity, Iran has to run and make up for the economic loss. ("Iran-Map") Predictions We believe that if Iran continues this thirst for nuclear power, they will end up killing themselves. By not storing these items properly, it could create hazards, which include: accidental detonation. And we believe that accidental detonation of a nuclear weapon could lead to "accidental" nuclear war. Which would be bad. Resolution We don't believe that we can do anything about Iran obtaining nuclear material. Because thirst for power is simply human nature. And that, is just a part of..... Life...
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