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Tim Hortons

No description

Katie Sadler

on 30 October 2014

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Transcript of Tim Hortons

"Tripling down on content: More content, more stories, more connections = equals deeper relationships"

Social media leader Gary Vaynerchuk:

Content (great stories) and the answers to what people are searching for builds everything

Story Telling: Why it Matters
Stories make people fall in love (or like)

“The Hard Sell’’ is like the Wind

“A Good Story’’ is like the Sun

Stories are at the root of: Conversations, Jokes, Media, News, Film, TV, Songs, Poetry, Relationships

It’s all about storytelling, not selling

The story you tell is based on your data!
Data leads to content development. Content development leads to the right story. The right story leads to more .

Sun vs Wind
How We Get There
Tapping Your Best Stories

Google, like humans, is searching for the best content

Search Engine Optimization

Today as much content is created in 48 hours as was created between the dawn of time and the year 2000

Help Buyer Personas Find You

Right people at the right time with the right content.

Social Networks
Ambassadors of Your Brand
It’s always better to get a referral from friends or third parties than to simply promote yourself.

~ the digital equivalent of meeting over lunch

Building Relationships
Google study: Success or failure of a film – and we think any industry – is directly related to advanced
search/social activity

By 2016, most search will occur via phones...
are you ready?

More mobile than toothbrushes
Q & A
Referring Links
We Build Bridges
We Grow Rapidly
We Change Conversations
Strong brand
Successful in an extremely competitive space
Explosive growth due to better product and program offering
Established web presence
Many of the right digital properties already in place

Highly competitive space, flat market
Connection with digital influencers
Connecting the brand to the product
Maximizing vendor/customers brand
Inconsistent content
Mobile usage is increasing, web site not responsive
Focusing on competition, define space
Our Goal
Increase brand awareness and customer loyalty
​Omni-channel ​strategy to increase rental locations.
Define and maximize rental/buyer information to increase in store rentals
Maximize vendor/customer relationships
Inbound Marketing
Content Marketing
Building Buzz
Content Showcasing
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