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Rykneld Homes R&D

No description

Beth Steenson

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of Rykneld Homes R&D

Rykneld Homes
R&D Research Into Rykneld Rykneld Homes is a housing management company which manages over eight thousand homes on behalf of North Wast Derbyshire District Council. They are based in Wingerworth, Chesterfield however they also have housing offices in Dronfield,Eckington,Clay Cross, North Wingfield and Killamarsh. They were set
up in April 2007 as a non profit business to carry out work on housing estates located throughout North East Derbyshire.
Their vision-We want North East Derbyshire to be a place that is clean and attractive, a place where people are proud to live, where they prosper and are safe, happy and healthy.
Their Mission- To work with our Partners to provide excellent services for tenants and residents within available resources.
Their values-Shared values provide a common sense of identity and purpose. No matter what your role in the organisation, our values describe the ways in which Rykneld Homes' staff behave to successfully deliver our Vision.
Their strategic aims-
To sustain and regenerate local communities through neighborhood management, involving tenants in decision making. Research Into Other Corporate & Promotional Films. Salix Homes paying rent video break down. This is the opening of the video and has no dialogue only some upbeat music. Man: Aup fancy seeing you here. I'm just running a few errands including setting up a direct debit for paying my rent there are lots of other ways to- I've written them down somewhere I've got a list. Man: It says here I can pay automatically by direct debit or by standing order on any day of the month. Man: Pay securely on the website that's 24 hours a day Man: I can go to a post offices, pay point or payzone with my rent payment card. Man: Pay by cheque sent by post to salford city council Man: Over the phone with debit card but you'll need your rent payment card and account number to do that. Man: My rent is my most important bill because I don't want to lose my home and I don't want to ruin my chance of renting or getting a mortgage in the future as those rents don't get written off. Man: Every April your rent will change depending on the government guidelines it's based on how big your house is and where abouts you live. Man: Salix homes will keep you up to date on how your rent is spent, there's support if you are struggling to pay. Now where can I buy lightbulbs. My Ideas-
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