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Theatre Cell: A Marketing Plan

No description

Michelle Tan

on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of Theatre Cell: A Marketing Plan

Oct 2012
Marketing Plan
- professional, quality theatre at low cost

- a safe environment for the creation of new work

- a platform for process-driven collaboration
We stand for:
Young/emerging theatre practitioners & artists (18 - 30+)
e.g. Graduates from LASALLE/NAFA/SOTA/NUS/TSD programmes in JC
Emerging/new theatre companies
Yellow Chair Productions
Ageless Theatre

Regular theatre-goers (parents, educators, etc)
Non-regular theatre-goers (wider community)
Our Market

open to all (by registration)
capped at 20 participants per session
self-facilitated & guest-facilitated
each session focusing on one aspect of the creative process - example of current workshop series, "The Actor and the ________"
Strategy #1: Build active following
Community-based collaboration & creative consultation

Identify a specific community group to work with
Provide platform and lesson plans for theatre-based workshop sessions
Provide creative team: Director/Producer/Playwright
Facilitate workshops/rehearsals that will culminate in a full-length production
Strategy #2: Engaging Collaborators

Exploration & Experimentation

Demystification (of the creative process)
SWOT analysis
New website in progress: introductory info, blog for workshop recaps
Facebook page: Events, workshops, audition calls, cross-posts from other theatre groups, general sharing e.g. reading/articles
Twitter: industry news, more international scope of theatre (cf. @2amt, @HowlRound)
Strategy #3: Social Media
Yellow Chair Productions
Low cost - operationally and for participants
Good support network - local theatre community, NAC

Limited time & resources: small team with full-time day jobs
Relative inexperience in industry, compared with major players

Launch of new NAC Seed Grant
Venue sponsorship courtesy of NLB
Small support base after (When I'm) Sixty-Four

Market saturation - increasing number of new collectives/groups
Misconception and warping of what "community art" means
Lack of audience interest in theatre in general
End Nov 2012
2002 March
(cc) image by jantik on Flickr
Seed Grant Application
Launch new website
15 Dec 2012
CPG grant deadline
YCP publicity
Aug 2013
YCP Tour
Mar-Jul 2013
YCP rehearsals
Garisan Kuning:
Rehearsal - Production
Aug-Nov 2013
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