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World War II

No description

Connor Eldridge

on 12 February 2015

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Transcript of World War II

Cause of the War
The cause of World War II was was communism. Communism is a type of government and it basically states that the Government of your country controls what you do, where you go, where you live, ect.
World War II
World War II

By: Connor Eldridge
The Home Front
After the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and they had no choice but to fight they had no War supplies, so that meant they had to get people to make the stuff they needed. They got people to make the things and companies. Mostly people from town were woman but everything was still done on time and America fought in the War.
Bombing of Japan
At the end of the War U.S. President Harry Truman thought that too many U.S. Soldiers would die in an invasion of Japan so the Americans made a Bomb called the Atomic Bomb. The Atomic Bomb had enough power to blow up an entire City! So the Americans dropped an Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima Japan then 3 Days later they dropped another one on Nagasaki Japan. After this happened America won the War.
Adolf Hitler
This is a picture of Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler was a German Dictator who formed a group called the Nazi's. The Nazi's invaded many countries. Two of those countries were Poland and Denmark. What these soldiers did in these countries were take away all the jewish people to concentration camps and forced them to work then soon killed them.
American's remembered how awful World War I had been so they wanted to stay out of the War until the Japanese bombed a U.S. Naval Base in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. This infuriated the U.S. so they had no choice but to fight in the War.
America joined the War
Adolf Hitler

As far as Adolf Hitler goes he ended up killing himself.
Why did dictators rise to action at the beginning of the war??????
Correct Answer
They thought that they could solve their countries problems.
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