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US His Oral Prezi

Bio of Alexander Hamilton

Ryan Duncan

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of US His Oral Prezi

Alexander Hamilton Ryan Duncan April, 28th 2010 Basic Information Born: January 11, 1755 or 1757 Died: July 12, 1804 Spouse: Elizabeth Hamilton Children: William and James Hamilton Early Life Born of Rachel Lavien and James Hamilton Born in the British West Indies Sent to New York by his guardian in 1772 Initally turned down at the College of New Jersey at
Princeton Went to King's College, now Columbia University Military Service Initally was a Lieutenent of Artillery for a New York milita named the Hearts of Oak
Later Hamilton served as General Washingtons Cheif
of Staff Earned a Major General Rank in the United States
Army as a Seinor officer. Early Politician Hamilton was eleceted to Continental Congress in 1782 Hamilton was a strong believer in a strong national gov. He believed the governemt should be stronger than the
Articles of Confederation would allow it to be. He was very upset by the fact that the government had
no power to tax, that was essentially the only way the
States could pay back the national debt. He approved the constitution although it was not how he
had forseen it. Secretary of Treasury Hamilton was selected as the first Secretary of Treasury in
1789 He pushed for a National bank secure the nations fincance
and trade His proposals for a national bank were accepted by congress
in 1791 Although at this time his proposals for tarrifs were not passed Final Years as Secretary of Treasury Hamilton constructed an excise tax on spirits, this would later
result in the whiskey rebellion and then even later result in Jays
Treaty. Although Hamilton established a National Bank and dealt with the
national debt, his greatest feat could be establishing the
administrative policies for the new government. Duel and Death Hamilton had greatly assisted Morgan Lewis while Lewis was
running for vice president. Hamilton had great opposition to
Aaron Burr. Burr demanded an apoligy from Hamilton after the Albany
Register published Charles Cooper's letter in which Hamilton
had expressed "a still more despicable opinion" of Burr. Eventually, Hamilton and Burr had a duel. This resulted in Hamilton's
death. There are many conspiracies surrounding the duel THE END
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