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explore a program

I have to explore a program and then explain it to someone so I decided to use Prezi.

Bailey smith

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of explore a program

Learning to use prezi The first step to us prezi is to insert a frame Click on the frame button from the options. Then move your mouse and click and drag to create your first box. Once you have a frame you double click inside it to add a text box. Text boxes aren't always where you want them to be so you just click on it and this should come up. To move the text box click on the middle circle and just drag it where you want it. If you want to increase or decrease the size you click on the second circle and drag it away from the circle inside it for size increase and closer to it for size decrease. The last outside ring is for rotating it, if you click and drag around the cirle it rotates. This also works for any other item in your prezi.
The next step is to insert a photo or video clip. To do this you click "Insert" than you click "load file". It will take you to a box showing you all of the places on your computer. You choose the place where the file is and then you click on the file and then press insert and it's in your prezi. By Bailey The next part is path, you see how my frames move to each other, well that's path. To make a path you select path from the options panal on the top right. Click on the frames in the order you want them to play in. But beware that you might accidentally click on the text or picture, this will make it zoom in on the text or picture. Also beware that if you screw up the path order it is a little time consuming to fix it. Another feature of path is to get a picture of the whole prezi, this would be useful if someone wanted to check your progress.
The last feature is also in "insert", you can draw or add arrows to your prezi. Once you are in insert select shapes and you have these options Good luck with your Prezi Yikes
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