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Arts Capstone Final:

No description

Laura Manriquez

on 15 May 2014

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Transcript of Arts Capstone Final:

Arts Capstone Final:
Operation Art2Art

Day One...
Day Two...
About the Team...
Operation Art2Art

Chalk Painting at Pierpont Elementary
Laura L. Manriquez
Studio Art Major California State University Channel Islands
Art Instructor, Graphic Designer, Commercial Artist, Educator, Student, Wife and Mother
Megan Tuttle
Art Major: Studio Art focusing on Graphic
Design and Painting
Graphic Designer, Painter, Photographer, Charcoal artist.
Goal: Move to Sweden, work in graphic design. Possibly teach in the future.
Interests: Travel, paint, music, art.
Role: Visual documentation

Graduating Fall 2014
Interests: Art, Music, Family, Food, Pets, Acting, Singing, Writing, Self-Actualization, Life, Spirituality, Contributing to Others
Project Instructor, Team Operation Art2Art
Antonia Svennebjer
Art major, concentration in Studio Art
Goal: MFA in Ceramics, eventually teach
Interests: Clay, art, science, travel.
Role: Written documentation
Goal: Master Fine Art
About the Project...
Operation Art2Art ready to go!
Media Exploration
Learning gradients and blending
A fun, hands on project!
Day Three...
Techniques and Ideas
Day Four...
More gridding!
Time to learn about gridding!
Students learn with folded paper and simple line drawings
One small classroom, 55 students!
Laura with Heather Bird
Getting everyone settled...
Slideshow and Q&A about the history of chalk painting
Break for parent-teacher conferences
Spring Break!
Day Five...
Brainstorming Ideas
Day Six...
Enlarging the Pictures
Chalk Festival!
Operation Art2Art
All hands on deck!
The theme: Earth Day!
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