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RRC Structure

No description

john mcguire

on 12 February 2018

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Transcript of RRC Structure

Resource Response Center
Student Behaviors
Restorative Interventions
student non-compliance
Online Individual Data Collection Form
Laurie Steadman

RRC Secretary/Receptionist
RRC Data Collection/Management
RRC Student Triage

Sharon Mallory
Registered Behavioral Technician

substance violation
classroom disruption
conflict with a peer
use of profanity
off campus without permission
Online Class Data Collection Form
Class Coverage to support Student/ClassroomTeacher Intervention
Develop/Implement Individual Student Peer Review Protocol Plans
Individual Student RRC In-class Intervention
Group In-class RRC Intervention
Formal Check In Check Out (CICO)
Community Service Opportunities
In-RRC Student Support/Supervision
Student (Personal) Crisis Triage
Student Advocate in Meetings with Adults
Emergency Transportation for Students
Provide Workout/Physical Training Opportunities
Chaperon Field Trips with Challenging Students
Clinician Referrals
rude behavior
socially unkind behavior
lack of integrity
Check in and Connect (CIC)
academic dishonesty
Infraction is identified and reported by the teacher
Intitial interviews with the student (may be) conducted by RRC
Formal Interviews conducted by the teacher and administrator
Parent contact made by teacher and/or Administration
Consequence imposed by administration
Documentation of the offense and consequence made by RRC
Student with a Dress Code Violation is reported to RRC.

An RRC representative will interview the student and attempt to provide him/her with a change of clothes. If a change of clothes is not available, RRC will attempt to provide him/her with a way to obtain clothes to change into.

RRC will document the Dress Code Violation.
More to follow
bus behavior
Administration and RRC receive a referral from the bus driver reflecting the student's inappropriate behavior on the bus.

The student is interviewed by RRC and/or administration depending on the nature of the infraction.

Consequences are imposed on the student by the Administration or RRC, based on the nature and frequency of the infraction
conflict with a teacher/adult
Test for frame for conflict
inappropriate physical contact
Access to Therapy Dog
Provide Supervision Space for ISS
Locate/Provide Emergency Resources for Students
Intervention Implementation
Advisory System (P.B.I.S.)
School Guidelines (P.B.I.S.)
Acclimation Process
Teacher Student Leaders
Data Collection
Referrals to:
In-School/Out-of-School Resources
Lee Shorey
Behavior Interventionist
Community Service Coordinator
After School Call Back
After School Call Back
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