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Historical Polish Immigration

No description

Ivan Oid

on 6 January 2016

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Transcript of Historical Polish Immigration

Historical Polish Immigration
To Canada
Most people stayed in Ontario.
Some Poles moved to America from here.
Many soldiers who were fighting for the Allies were here.
The Poles came to the U.K because they needed to move to a place with boats that are able to cross the Atlantic.
Some Poles stayed in the U.K.
The first Polish-Canadian immigrant was Dominik Barcz.
1854-1901, 1902-15, 1916-39, 1944-56, 1957-79 and 1980-93 were the time periods of waves of polish people to enter Canada.
Poland was a communist country after WWII.
Many of the immigrants were soldiers.
The Beginning
1854-1901, 1902-15, 1916-39, 1944-56, 1957-79, 1980-93
United Kingdom
The Polish came by boat
Arriving in Canada
"Fun" Fact
On September 1, 1939, the German Wehrmacht (A.K.A military, defense force etc.) invaded Poland without any prior declaration of war, thereby beginning World War II
Fuel Your Brain!
Poles have won a total of 17 Nobel Prizes (more than Japan, China, India, or Australia), including four Peace Prizes and five in Literature
Settling in the Prairies
By: Matthew Cheung,
Ivan Odnoletkov
and Andy Hwang

Did You Know That...
Traveling To Ontario
The First Polish To Arrive At Canada (1752)
The Beginning of Polish Immigration (1854)
After the first polish immigrated, many started to follow
End Of WWII, Huge Migration Wave. (1944-56)
Poland was a communist country after WWII.
Many soldiers, doctors and scientists were outside of Poland.
Some Polish were already in Canada helping in the war.
Moving Through Canada (1855-1959)
Polish Canadian Timeline
Great (north) Poland was founded in 966 by Mieszko I, who belonged to the Piast dynasty*, the first historical ruling dynasty of Poland.
Dominik Barcz
Fur Merchant
Two army surgeons named August F. Globenski and Leveright Pinze arrived in Canada in 1776
Get A Load Of This!
Many families decided to move to Canada in hope for a better life
Poles started to settle down in the prairies and began working as farmers
Some worked as coal miners or built railways
Most people that immigrated were peasants
*Piast Dynasty Symbol
Happy to finally finish their journey
Surprising cold
Hardships of coping with it
The poles started to move and settle in Canada
Will talk about later
Poles drink, on average, 92 liters of beer a year, which places Poland third in consumption in Europe behind Germany and the Czech Republic
The Last Stop (Vancouver)
All the remaining polish that immigrated to Canada got off at this last stop (or went to the territories).

Not many polish came to settle here, as the farming grounds weren't that great as the prairies.
Modern Immigration
The Path Of The Poles
In the later years, the poles used airplanes
Advanced boats
Polish Contributions to Canadian Identity
Army surgeon, August Franz Globensky and his grandson Charles Auguste Maximilien Globensky
Charles Horecki
Dominik Barcz
Many Polish churches around Canada
Also many other Poles were part of the House of Commons and Parliament
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