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A Presentation By Katherine Tosa's Class

No description

Luis Martinez

on 15 May 2015

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Transcript of A Presentation By Katherine Tosa's Class

"Si Quaeris Peninsulam Amoenam Circumspice:"
If you seek a pleasant peninsula, look about you.
State Tree: White Pine.
A symbol of our rich logging history.
State Fossil: Mastadon
Mastadons roamed across Michigan 10,000 years ago.
State Stone: Petoskey Stone
Petoskey is fossilized coral found on the shores of Lake Michigan in the lower peninsula.
Michiganders Don't Hide Inside During Winter
Wind and waves work together, pushing new ice over the old layers of ice already on the shoreline. These ice layers are then eroded and sculpted by the very same wind and waves and temperature changes, leaving dangerous but beautiful, temporary caves.
Spring: After Hibernation
A cultural adaptation of the pagan festival Samhain, a pagan celebration honoring the dead and representing the end of the harvest season.
Older people wait until the night is later
before having costume parties, or visiting haunted houses

At 6:00 PM, the children put on their costumes and walk the streets from house to house.
They say, “Trick or Treat!” and each house gives out some Candy.

Nelson, A. (2014, February 6). First-time Olympians thrilled for chance. Retrieved April 28, 2015, from http://redwings.nhl.com/club/news.htm?id=703968
Van Andel Arena. (n.d.). Retrieved April 28, 2015, from http://archinect.com/rossetti/project/van-andel-arena
Ciampaglia, D. (2013, June 19). Grand Rapids Griffins Win Calder Cup. Retrieved April 28, 2015, from http://www.sikids.com/blogs/2013/06/19/grand-rapids-griffins-win-calder-cup



Referred as ‘Hockeytown West’
Afiliated with Detroit Red Wings
Former players now playing for Detroit
Petr Mrazek, Luke Glendening, Justin Abdelkader, Tomas Tatar, Gustav Nyquist, Jimmy Howard
Van Andel Area
Started in 1996
Calder Cup Champions in 2013

Grand Rapids Griffins

Probably the best part...
Rainbow Trout
Michigan's Adventure
Holland Tulip Time
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