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Police ICT Company Revised Monday evg

No description

Michael Clarke

on 16 September 2016

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Transcript of Police ICT Company Revised Monday evg

An introduction to the
Martin Wyke
Police ICT is very advanced, sophisticated and joined up
The challenge
“This is not… just about money – although budgets are important... When chief constables say that they have found every last saving, or when they say they need more money to tackle certain crimes, I remember that HMIC has clearly shown that there remain significant efficiencies to be found if forces work together collaboratively, improve their ICT and understand demand better.”
Theresa May
20th May 2015
Our vision for transformation
Key principles:

Understanding needs of the public

Scale and interoperability

Collectively enable faster decisions
This time... it has got to work.
More innovation,
less bureaucracy
We are looking to build a community of ideas and good practice.

To contribute, please visit:

“The oxygen of effective policing is information, but it is useless if it cannot be found and used at the time and in the circumstances in which it is needed. ”
Tom Winsor, HMCIC
What we will do
Help forces' IT functions to be more efficient

Develop & set policy & standards enabling integration & sharing

Provide expertise and leadership on procurement and licensing

Deliver national programmes

Facilitate and encourage collaboration and challenge between forces, the Home Office, partners and industry

Achieve economies of scale - e.g. through shared resources

Embrace thought leadership and innovation - e.g. data analytics

Create over-arching IT Strategy to provide vision and direction
Ownership by the police community
Political support
Leadership team with proven track record of delivering transformation through technology
A team and network of experts who know the policing community
The political imperative
Or to put it another way:
To ensure police ICT is rich, smart and makes the best use of data
Start small, think big and grow incrementally
The Company supports policing to make the public safer through better ICT. We will cut costs, reduce duplication, improve collaboration and the public experience of dealing with the police.

We aim to pay more back to policing than is paid into the Company by its members (PCCs/ forces)
We have:
It won't be easy...
What does he need from all of us?
Strong leadership
New behaviours
Boldness and transparency
Do things differently
Dispel myths and legends
... to create the tools,
data and processes
to make his community
We are looking to build a community of ideas and good practice.

To contribute, please visit:

“Let's go invent tomorrow rather than worrying about what happened yesterday.”

Challenge and innovation
A moment in time
An inflection point
Two key drivers:
New crime challenge

We all recognise the urgent need to do things differently
This is an opportunity we must seize together
Focus on success
What we are doing
- National contracts:

- Procurement:
Developing plan for transition of national contracts
Work to achieve at least £1m of savings this year

Renegotiation and integration of 122 IBM i2 contracts into one - saving around £530k

Potential for further savings - up to £20m long term
What we are doing
- Supporting forces
- Collaborative opportunities
Workshops with forces to establish how they can best be coordinated and supported to implement IT-related Innovation Fund projects

Beginning the development of a Knowledge Hub to enable the sharing of information and best practice between forces
Working with forces to develop collaborative Innovation Fund bids that benefit all forces

Working with Athena and Minerva teams to seek ways to optimise use of investments in these platforms

Working with forces to develop collaborative IF buds that benefit all
The Future
- Develop strategies for Digital Public Contact and multi-agency sharing
- Online eCommerce system to enable processing of firearms licences
- Review and implement offender management activity, delivering £2m in savings
- Develop business case for collaborative approach to digital storage
- Suppliers Summit end of January 2016
- Engage with policing and commercial communities
What we are.....
An intelligent client
'Thin Prime Contractor'
Commissioner of services and solutions
Provider of information and consultancy
Innovator and challenger
Deliverer of tangible, measurable benefit
Service Delivery
Need to question organisational boundaries

Need to turn IT on its head

Information & intelligence at the heart of change

Need to change the way we work
Reality Check
Continuation of 43 force IT model is a blocker

Not all local differences are affordable or justifiable

Need to get on the front foot and stop chasing technology

A need for clear responsibilities and accountabilities
Outcome based
Equipping officers to spend more time on the street
Prevention rather than respond
Provide answers to big questions:
- How do we digitise to protect the vulnerable?
- How do we enhance digital public contact?
-How do we use data intelligently?
What do I need from you?
• Focus on requirements and outcomes

• Think wider than local

• Offer your best people for change/transformation

• Challenge the Company to make a difference - use us to validate, advise, scrutinise

• Involve us in the big incremental decisions and investments

• Openness and willingness to change

In Return
I will equip you better and give you money back so you can make your respective communities safer through the use of smarter, more cost effective technology and resources.
My impressions of
(before I took up this job)
(during early days in post)
Police ICT is more like 43 branches of one retailer, who all have their own IT because they think they are different
Police ICT is more like 43 separate retailers, who see themselves as in direct competition with each other
The current state of
police ICT
>£1bn annual spend
>2,000 systems
some collaboration...
...but not enough
Time for a change
Body Worn Video Trials
Each force procures own equipment

Wide variation in unit cost

No common technical standards

Little thought given to data purpose, usage, sharing and storage

= less chance of collaboration between forces and with wider CJS
Innovation is out there...
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