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Fats Domino

No description

Holden Bowker

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Fats Domino

The History of
Fats Domino of Fats Domino Early life Born Antoine Dominique Domino Jr
He was born February 26, 1928
New Orleans, Louisiana was his birth town
Born to a musical family
He began to perform at the age of 10 in clubs around New Orleans
Dropped out of high school at age 14 to get more recognized
Played with a man named Billy Diamond, he gave Antoine the nickname "Fats" Fats Style "Domino's distinctive style of piano playing, accompanied by simple saxophone riffs, drum afterbeats, and his mellow baritone voice, made him stand out in the sea of 1950s R&B singers." Blueberry Hill Style Analysis 2. Lyrics & Singing
The lyrics are superficial and non-threatening
General subject is a memory he had about a girl on Blueberry Hill
Solo singer 1. Personnel
5 performers
All African American 3. Instrumentation
Guitar, piano, saxophone, drums, and upright bass
strictly accompaniment 4. Musical Machinery
Slower tempo
Beat style is a back beat
Light prominent beat
Bass line is simple, static and prominent
Music is melodic 5. Musical Construction
I, A, A', B, A", B, A"
Instrumental intro
Rock and Roll Chord Progression Fats Greatest Hits Song Title Chart Name, Place, and Year The Fat Man US R&B, #2, 1949 Goin' Home US R&B, #1, 1952 Ain't That
a Shame US R&B, #1, 1956
US HOT 100, #10 Blueberry Hill US R&B, #1, 1956
US HOT 100, #2 Fats Today Lives back in his home town of New Orleans
Survived Hurricane Katrina
Made an album titled "Alive and Kickin'" in 2006
Is still alive at the ripe old age of 84 By Holden Bowker Discussion Q's 1. What do you think Fats felt when Pat Boone's cover of his song, Ain't That A Shame, became #1 in the US while Fats was only #10? 2. What other musicians do you know of that helped break the racial barrier in music?
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