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Cultural Divergence and Convergence

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Justin Ellerbe

on 15 October 2013

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Transcript of Cultural Divergence and Convergence

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli
Cultural Divergence and Convergence
Culture Divergence
Tendency of societies, or even groups within a society, to become increasingly dissimilar with the passage of time
Happens due to exposure of new ideas through diffusion
Physical barriers also seperate people, causing new cultures to be developed.
Cultural Convergence
Different cultures become similar or even come together
Europeans and Native Americans: brought together religion, language, tobacco, and new foods
similar interests , imports and exports
Olympics/ world cup
Globalization/ The English Language
Creation of a common global culture
How is this possible? Global transportation and trade
Societies borrow and adapt from what works best in other societies
Internationally, English is understood by over a billion people
People understand wealth comes to those who speak English
New Technologies
Today, people in every culture are familiar with telephones, televisions, computers, cell phones and the internet. These link us closer together and enhance the ability to communicate to be able to build a common global culture.
Global Sports
With satellites, television and the internet, sports can be seen around the world.
They bring people together as citizens of a new global community.
Sports allow for unity and integration as well as resolve conflicts and bring greater understanding of different cultures
Get into groups
pick a country: find the country/countries they either diverged/converged from or with
Find what products they exported/imported
What ideas they took in and sent out from other countries
Cultural traits both borrowed and applied
Diseases from and brought to the country
Further directions will be given as you begin to work

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