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Media and Violence


Amanda Gemmell

on 31 May 2010

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Transcript of Media and Violence

Media And
Violence Figure 1. This chart clearly shows the
relation between Time Spent Observing
Media and Negative Feelings and Behaviour.
It shows the the more media that is observed,
the higher the negative feelings and behaviour are in the student.
Variables? Time spent Observing Media Media Content Education Feelings and Behaviour Additional Questions Agree or Disagree Answers: I sepnd 5 or more hours listening to music most days I watch T.V while doing my homework I play 4 or more hours of video games most days 1=strongly disagree, 2=disagree, 3=agree, 4=strongly agree The movies I watch are always within my age limit I often find that T.V changes my opinion I play video games rated "mature" Gender? Grade? I would consider myself a good student I work hard in school I have failed a high school course before I feel that violence is a good way to resolve conflict I prefer violent movies I do not like violent video games I feel that hitting someone is wrong Results?!?! The results show that those who are influenced by more media, especially violent media, show increased aggressive behaviour in adolescents. You would be surprised on how much media can change your mind Media isn't all bad though... The following chart shows a slight relation between Time Spent Observing Media and Education Importance. It shows that the more time spent observing media, the higher the education importance is in a student. My BEST result! Time spent (hrs) Didn't find this very surprising BY:
Gemmell I put off my homework to listen
to music I put off my homework to watch T.V I spend 4 or more hours watching T.V most days I often listen to music with violent content I watch T.V with violent content regularly School is important to me I often feel angry How many participants? I had 24 surveys handed to 21 grade 9 students, 1 grade 10 student and 1 grade 12 student. These participants were randomly chosen, 15 of which were female and 9 male. Future Reseachers The next step for researchers in this area should be to narrow down what types of media affects an adolescent the most Could It Be; Researchers can then brainstorm ways in which they can educate the public about violence in the media. Some possibilities may include more strict filters on what is available to people 18 and under. What I would
change... I did have a rather small sample size and 15 out of the 24 students were female; if I was to take this survey again I would definitely change this. 15 9 12 12 What would Systems Theory say? Systems Theory would say that because everything affects everything;
The video games are affecting the behaviour
The behaviour is affecting other children
Other Children are affecting everything around them Thats all folks!! :) Education Importance
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