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Personal Management Skills

No description

Rajvi Patel

on 14 April 2013

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Transcript of Personal Management Skills

By: Rajvi, Thomena, Jonathan, Vinuja Personal Management Skills What is personal management? -The process of planning and outlining personal goals for your life, and trying to fulfill them by being persistent. Why are personal management skills important? Pathway to Personal Management Skills -Someone who can manage and obtain themselves, control over their attitude, behavior, and have motivation. - keeps you in control of your life - increases job performance - you gain leadership - learn more about yourself 1. Plan- manage your time and tasks by completing them by the due date 2. Organize- organize your time between personal life, school life, and family life 3. Reality- stop dreaming about goals that cannot be achievable 4. Positive Attitude- stay positive and have confidence in your work Examples - live a better lifestyle High school: Workplace: - students managing own time in class and at home to complete the assignments - going to school -demonstrating a strong sense of responsibility
-being honest and accountable for your actions
-demonstrating adaptability by carrying out multiple tasks THANK YOU FOR LISTENING! works Cited - Beland, Derek. "U1A4: Personal Management Skills." Designing Your Future. N.p.,
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