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FL - SVUK Presentation

No description

Tracey Nguyen

on 15 March 2013

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Transcript of FL - SVUK Presentation

Introducing projects A series of amazing projects that... brings volunteers from around the world on Green Tech and Education projects in Vietnam To help solve SOCIAL and ENVIRONMENTAL challenges Our Sponsors

Our Partners Green Tech? Member Member Member (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr SOCIAL IMPACT Ever since we settled down on this islet, we never once had electricity. Our family had to send our children away for school and staying with relatives so that they have lights to do homework at night. Now we can welcome them home and stay with us! I was most moved when I asked a child "What is the colour of water?" and was told by her: "Brown, green, grey... ". I hope to come here next time and do something to the water situation here in Mekong Delta! Seeing how the solar panels make such a big difference to our lives, we are convinced about the benefits of green energy. We have asked the central government for support in getting wind turbines for extra electricity... and this time we'll have fun doing it ourselves! " " " " " Let's NOT end up with just a volunteering project
Let's end up with one that INSPIRES MANY OTHER to volunteer! FROGS: Tropical animals popularly found in Asia

Often perceived as fun, young and friendly

Mentioned in both Western and Eastern fables Image and associations: from our own volunteers a Con Ho habitant Chairman of People Committee, Duc My Hamlet A Froggy volunteer Thanks guys for looking at this! Are you ready to start a storm with us? ;) Our top priority is to ensure that whatever we do does make a real and positive impact.
This means giving communities the support they genuinely need. Also means to avoid wasting their precious resources such as food and water, or creating social imbalance and dependency on our help alone.
We aim to inspire, not to provide " Information event by supported by Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland An introduction by SVUK President
Ms. Bui Cam Van An introduction by
Ms. Le Thi Thu Hang
Embassy of S.R. Viet Nam in the UK Where are our volunteers from? How did our volunteers think about the projects? Dai Loc Commune: - 120,000
- Serverely affected by flood and typhoon
- Annual flood level between 1.7m - 2.5m Our solution: Floating Shelter! become a Vietsoc Partner! Who are eligible? What are the perks? Role & Responsibilities of Project Partner Role & Responsibilities of Frogsleap Foundation Sponsorships
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