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Day 3 Mock Trial Notes

No description

Pat Bush

on 18 May 2017

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Transcript of Day 3 Mock Trial Notes

What does the concept known as a fair trial mean?
How does the legal system work?

Day 3 Mock Trial Notes
What is the purpose of a Closing statement?
A Fair Trial is the best means of separating the guilty from the innocent and protecting against injustice.
What is a fair trial?
To insure a fair trial we use a Judge.
What is the purpose of Redirect or Recross examination?
Why does the prosecution get to go first and if needed last in closing arguments?
Write your Answer...
Remember your last answer to a similar question about prosecution going first...
Watch N Write Notes
Closing Argument
Use other mock trials on youtube.
Riverside County Mock Trials are posted on youtube for you to view.
Look for style, tone, voice inflections...
Memorize your final arguments.
Time stamp on video above 1:46.45 & 1:52. 20
DAY 3 of Mock trial Notes
Day two of trial!
last word to the jury
summarize the trial
double the length of opening statement.
Prosecution goes first and the option to go last.
Repairs damage from previous examination. Allows lawyers an opportunity to clarify testimony.
Happens after Direct and Cross Examination of witness.
Judge has "leeway" has to how much redirect/recross can be done.
To request redirect, stand, "Redirect your honor?"
Occurs after defense rests it's case.
Or after defense' closing arguments
presented by plaintiff or prosecution.
refutes evidence or testimony by defense, defendant.
Judges must make sure courtroom protocols are followed by both sides.
Insuring these procedures Insures a fair trial.
Judges must be impartial or have no stake in what happens.
This assures that both sides receive similar opportunity to present their case.
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