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SLP's on the Playground

No description

Nicole Johnson

on 20 November 2017

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Transcript of SLP's on the Playground

The Curriculum Map
SLP's on the Playground
Interconnected Social
Skills Learning
The Social Skills Targets
Scope and
Building the interconnected social skills
intervention curriculum
Recess Activities
The Learning Targets
Instructional Program:
Instructional Program:
Teacher Materials
Instructional Program:
Social Skills Screening
Instructional Program:
Social Mapping
Instructional Program:
Social Skills Intervention Developing Students' Pro-social
Behaviors in Naturalistic Settings

Lisa Hiley PhD, CCC-SLP - Nicole Wilson Johnson MS, CCC-SLP - Lindsey Massenzio MS, CCC-SLP
EnCompass: Resources for Learning, Rochester NY
ASHA Conference 2015, Denver CO
Crew Activities
Social Mapping
Followed Responsive Classroom Morning Meeting Framework.
Social Skills Survey
Children who develop strong social and emotional competencies and skills perform better academically (Dymnicki et al, 2013)
High-quality schools are prioritizing efforts
to develop students' social and emotional
competencies such as social awareness,
self-management, etc
(CASEL, 2013)
Play based interactions with peers in a natural
setting serve as the cornerstone for social skills
teaching and this school-wide intervention program.
"Play helps children to build friendships and develop pro-social behaviors" (Scott & Panksepp, 2003)
The playground was the time for the SLPs to turn real scenarios into social learning opportunities. However, this was positioned within the school's larger SEL focus and included classroom instruction.
Modified a Publically available
Social Skills Screening
Assessment for pre-post
Social Comprehension
Child is aware of what others are thinking
Child is aware of what others are feeling
Child misinterprets others' intentions during recess.
Friendship Skills
Child approaches others in appropriate ways
Child approaches others positively
Child asserts own rights/needs appropriately
Child does NOT draw inappropriate attention
Child does NOT join unless told to do so
Opportunity for guided practice:
Students in small groups 1x a week
SLP reviews target
SLP guides a game or activity that incorporates the social skill
Located on playground or in classroom
activity instructions
target visual
weekly lesson plan/handout
School Initiative
Clinical Focus
Recess targets were aligned to support school's social-emotional initiative
team building games
tag games
relay races
obstacle course
table games/puzzles
cooperative games
competitive games
Recess activities were chosen because they provided a situation and social opportunity to practice and apply the social target for the week/month.
Friendship Skills
(Maintaining & Sustaining)

Child shows interest in playing with others
Child can engage in back and forth play
Child can accept someone else's opinion even when it's different from own

and Coping
Child expresses frustrations and angers effectively
Child takes a break when stressed
Child is capable of communicating feelings with others
Child accepts adult intervention
Child responds appropriately to questions
Guidelines for Social Mapping:

Each unique peer the target child interacts with during the 10-15 minutes observation will be indicated with a circle and first initial of first name. If more than one peer is playing then the peers will be clustered together, but each child will have unique circle (dotted line to be drawn between the two peers to indicate group play).
• Each unique social interaction will be indicated with a solid line to the child (or children) engaged.
• Each line drawn from the target child to the peer will be coded with the associated definitions for Parallel Aware, Joint Engagement, Games w/ Rules.
• Qualitative observations are noted after the recess with interactions/peers tallied.

Parallel Aware:
Child and peer engage in similar activities and are mutually aware of each other during activities.
Joint Engagement
: Child and peer direct social behaviors with a turn-taking structure.
Games with Rules:
Child participates in organized games/sports and/or engages in pretend/fantasy play. The game must include
a peer.
Target Skill
Enduring Understanding
Essential Question(s)
Essential Vocabulary
“I can be a good friend when I: include others, use
kind words and actions, and make others feel good.”

“I can invite a classmate to play with me.”

“I can compliment my classmates.”

“I can make new friends by inviting and
complimenting my classmates.”
Example: Friendship Unit Learning Target
A statement that describes a 'lesson-sized chunk of information' that is written from the students' perspective. The learning target provides the common focus and a common accomplishment for the lesson. There is an integrated relationship between content, instruction and meaningful learning embodied in a learning target.
Social mapping
completed for a total of
4 students from Oct -
June 2015. Data points
were variable across the year
and similiarities noted with play
based observations across the year.
Take Aways from Social Mapping:
1. Allowed for targeted and context
observations of play - impacted planning.
2. Most play was "Games with Rules"
3. SLPs observed a lot of attempts at
initiating play with peers, but
adults facilitating play.
4. Format for recess
impacts play
77% maintained or increased classification
100% decreased # of concern ratings
58% increased overall rating of social skills
appealing, effective,enjoyable for students
good understanding of students
well structured organized lessons
supports new vocabulary
building friendships
safe environment for practicing skills
Take Aways:
teachers understanding of Pragmatic language/skill
initial surveys relied heavily on teacher input.
review previously taught skills
improved communication with staff
All activities related back to
the targeted skill
related to
the topic
context - population - play - interconnection
Partnership and Purpose
Purpose & Results/Application
Results & Application
School Initative
EnCompass: Resources
for Learning

Discovery Charter School

Rochester, NY
Lisa Hiley, PhD
is employed by EnCompass: Resources for Learning in Rochester, NY
Nicole Wilson Johnson, MS
is employed by EnCompass: Resources for Learning in Rochester, NY
Lindsey Massenzio, MS
is employed by EnCompass: Resources for Learning in Rochester, NY
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