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Avalon High

Monica's Independent Novel Study presentation

Monica Glavin

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of Avalon High

By Meg Cabot Avalon High Plot Summary Elements of Plot Before, during and after reading my novel, I used many different reading strategies. Before I read Avalon High, I predicted what the story was going to be about. I predicted that it was going to be about a few kids in a high school, that was named after Avalon, a place where King Arthur once lived. I guessed that the kids would be transported back in time and they would meet King Arthur and help him defeat evil. While I read my novel, there was a part when Ellie went running around a track, so I made a text to self connection because I run around a track. After reading Avalon High, I evaluated the text to try to form an opinion about what I was reading. I thought that it was a very compelling story and that it was educational on the subject of King Arthur and his life as well. These reading strategies helped me get the meaning from the text by really thinking about what I was reading. Reading strategies The first conflict that happened in my novel was that Ellie caught Jennifer cheating on Will with his best friend. This conflict is a person vs. self type, because Ellie isn't sure if she should tell Will about them or not. The second conflict was that when Will and Ellie are in the woods after he runs away, Marco comes and threatens Will with a gun. This is a person vs. person conflict because Will has a problem with Marco threatening him with a gun. Conflicts Meg Cabot, the author of my novel used flashbacks from Ellie's previous life to describe how Ellie is much more popular in Annapolis than she was in her old school. The author also used foreshadowing for when Ellie had just met Will, and when she brings up a certain topic, his eyes get darker and start to cloud over. Furthermore, Cabot used a few onomatopoeia when Ellie was walking through the forest, and she was hearing ''Snaps!'' from the twigs underneath her, and ''Booms!'' from the storm overhead. Finally, Meg Cabot uses similes and metaphors. She uses similes and metaphors when Ellie's parents are trying to explain to her parts in King Arthur's life. Literary Devices Elaine "Ellie" Harrison has just moved to Annapolis. There, she is starting at Avalon High. Avalon High is a typical high school: there's Lance, the jock, Jennifer, the pretty, popular cheerleader, and Will, the quarterback, senior class president, and Jennifer's boyfriend. As school begins, weird coincidences start to happen, ones that resemble King Arthur's life. Bad things happen to the group of friends. In the end, Ellie helps make things normal again by helping Will when he most needs it. Exposition: Characters - Ellie, Will, Lance, Jennifer, Marco
Setting - Annapolis, Maryland
Tone - Chatty, playful
Important Facts - Ellie's parents are English professors
Inciting Force: The inciting force begins when Jennifer starts going out with Lance, behind
Will's back. Ellie sees them but does not say anything to Will.
Rising Action: The rising action starts when Will's step-brother, Marco, attacks Ellie and asks
her why she is protecting Will. Ellie says that he is her friend and she will help
Climax: The climax begins when Marco tells Will about his girlfriend and best friend. Word
gets out to Mr. Morton, the English teacher about Will finding out. Mr. Morton
becomes very upset. He tells Ellie that Will is the reincarnation of King Arthur and
that he will die. He also tells her that he is a member of the Order of the Bear, a
group of people that believe that King Arthur will come back to life and conquer
all evil. Then, Marco comes to the school and attacks Will. Marco then runs away
and Will goes after him.
Falling Action: The falling action starts when Ellie goes to look for Will. She finds him in the
forest, lying on a rock. At first, she thinks he is dead, but then realizes that
he is very much alive. Marco finds them and threatens Will with a gun.
Ellie tosses Will a medieval sword that she brought with her, in case of
danger. When Will catches it, Marco gets weak and the police come
to arrest him.
Denouement: The denouement begins when Ellie is at home again and Mr. Morton,
is there, telling her that Will is King Arthur, Jennifer is Queen
Guinevere, Lance is Lancelot, Marco is Mordred and that she
is the Lady of the Lake in reincarnation form. Then, Will
comes to stay at her home, since things are tense at
his place.
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