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Accessible Playground

No description

Melissa Markus

on 17 October 2017

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Transcript of Accessible Playground

Accessible Playgrounds
A vision for the future
- Universal Design
- Necessary for some, good for all
- Right to play and participate
-"Committed to creating a world without limits, Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation launched the $80 million No Limits Campaign for Childhood Disability in 2010"- Holland Bloorview Hospital Foundation website

Our Vision
The Possibility of Playgrounds
Scarborough Village
Public School
Through the
child's eyes
From impossible to imaginable
swinging, climbing,
under, over,
and through

- Challenge
practice motor
skills that are developing (
-play independentally, as a group, access favourtive locations
role play and adventure
Physical Development
practice motor skills
that are developing
independent play
group play
access favourite locations
Bloorview School Authority
J: There's not enough room for us
There is a ramp that goes up and it opens a door and you go inside the robot. There is a tornado and a swing and an animal and a button that let's you go inside something like a hole. There is an electric guitar area and a playground and a zoo and a slide. That's it.
There's a spider that picks you up and there is a slide that wheelchairs and walkers can go on. There is a candy tree and also there is water on it. It is a burning hot day and there is spool with a fake crocodile and you can go outside. There is a candy tornado and a fridge with candy.
These are little tornadoes that you can go in and you can come out. This is a cannonball place where wheel chairs and walkers can go in. The purple spiral is a spinning ramp to get out of the tornado. At the top is Ariel's tiny play room but inside it is really big. There are ramps to get up there.
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