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Would You Want To Vacation With Dinosaurs?

No description

Lindsay T.

on 13 February 2015

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Transcript of Would You Want To Vacation With Dinosaurs?

Background Info
The Paleozoic Era happened before the Mesozoic while the Cenozoic follows.
Did you ever want to see dinosaur?
Animal Life
Some Plant Life
The Mesozoic was a time period in which the conifers were the dominate plant life. The are consumed by plant-eating dinosaurs.
Then Travel the Mesozoic!
Go back in time to around 251- 65.5 million years to experience life with the dinosaurs!
The Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous are periods of the Era.
Well...true. Dinosaurs are awesome, but there are other things to look forward to.
This was the beginning of birds,
and flora plants,
But why should YOU spend your time here?
For dinosaurs of course!
Dinosaurs are the dominant animals throughout the Era, but this is also the time in which birds and mammals appeared.
If you're worried about being eaten by those big dinosaurs (especially when you are in the Jurassic and Cretaceous period), don't be! Only 35% of them are carnivores or omnivores. The other 65% aren't interested in your meat.
Pteridophytes is one conifer found in the Era.
Flora plants started to appear in the Jurassic period which completely changes the Earth.
Mongolia and Sycamore are plants that stared appearing during that time period.
There are also some major attractions in this time period! This includes the K-T Extinction in which the dinosaurs, pterosaurs, and ammonites, around 50% marine invertebrates, and others.
Woah-- Hold it! How is dinosaurs going bye-bye some major attraction? How cruel!
Is this guy really my partner?
*Ahem* Anyways you will be able to watch an asteroid right before your eyes. Of course we will have people safely escort you away from danger.
The K-T Extinction brought forth the end to the Mesozoic Era.
Another fun fact! The Mesozoic began with the largest mass extinction on Earth 252 million years ago.
Depending on which period you decide to travel to, the climate could be very dry or in some places, pleasant.
We will give you some climate information on each period so you can decide where in the Mesozoic you want to travel.
If you go to the coastal areas of Pangaea, then you might experience their monsoon season.
Average temperatures range between 10-15 degrees Celsius. (That's 50-59 degrees Fahrenheit).
The Triassic period is mainly very dry. You will experience very hot summers and cold winters.
In the winter, bring your heavy coats and boots and in the winter bring your shorts and flip flops. Oh, and sunscreen! Sunscreen is important!
This time period is mainly moist and warm with greenhouse climate. There are still places where it is dry, but that makes your vacation all the more interesting!
Make sure to bring your shorts and shirts as well as a bottle of water. Make sure to stay under the shade!
The Cretaceous has noticeable season change due to Pangaea breaking apart. As a result, the overall global temperature is a bit lower than the other two periods.
(But sunscreen should be used year round).
In other words, depending on where you plan to vacation here, you either would like to bring a sweater or shorts to wear.
You would know...
It isn't hard to find out what era your are in if you are going to the Mesozoic. Just look around and find some dinosaurs. You could also just look above you and try to find the birds that fly in the sky. On the ground, find some other mammals besides other humans traveling.
There is so much to see in the Mesozoic, so spend your holiday filled with adventure and dinosaurs!
Name: Keeper
Name: Two-face
Would you travel to the Mesozoic?
Periods in the Mesozoic
Dinosaur found in Mesozoic
Early bird in Mesozoic.
Another early bird.
Type of conifer.
Another type of conifer.
Mongolia flowers

Asteroid that caused the extinction of dinosaurs.
The Triassic has a similar appearance.
The Jurassic has similar appearances as this.
There will be more flora plants and trees, like the Mongolia.
FT Agency wishes you safe travels!
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