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"Unnatural" Nature

No description

cici carpenter

on 26 May 2015

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Transcript of "Unnatural" Nature

One of the best places to see the Northern Lights is in Alaska
Aurora Borealis
"The Northern Lights"
The Sailing Stones
Death Valley
The Bermuda Triangle
Catatumbo Lightning
Atlantic Ocean
"Unnatural" Nature
Cierra Carpenter
Block 6

Thank You for Watching.
"We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures that we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open."
-Jawaharal Nehru
~ Collisions between gas particles
~ Color depends on Altitude
~Collisions happen more in the poles
~ In Medieval times, they were a bad omen
~ The Inuit of Alaska believed that the lights were the spirits of the animals they have killed
~ Many Indian Tribes believed that they were the
spirits of their people
~ Rocks move on their own
What we know
~ Leave tracks
~ Only move every few years
~ Unknown magnetic field
~ Occasional rain and melting
snow turned into ice
~Missing Ships, planes and people
~Also called the "Devils Triangle"
~ Not on any map, located off the coast of Florida to Porto Rico to Bermuda Island
Is it Real?
~Covers 500,000 square miles
~Hundreds of shipwrecks
~ Not always to blame
~ Mary Celeste, 1872
~ U.S.S. Cyclops active during WWI
~Scheduled to refuel in Brazil
~Disappeared without a trace
~ Can strike up to 40,000 times in one night
~ 28 strikes per minuet for 10hrs
~ In one hour, they can strike up to 3,600 times (almost one per second)
~Possibly caused by methane from Lake Maracaibo
~Nobody knows what causes it.
~ Might just be new form of lightning
~Maybe warm winds from the mountains collide with warm winds from the Caribbean
Histories Mysteries
~ Stones assembled in a horseshoe shaped arrangement
~ Over 4,000 years old
~ built 1,000 years before the druids
What is it?
~Thought to be a temple
~Stones have crumbled over the years
~ Each stone could weight up to 20 tons
~ Was thought to have been built by the
Druids in the 19th century
~ Druids used it second hand
Note Cards:
HS Science: Gases
HS Science: Physical Properties and Changes
HS Science: Protists and Fungi
HS Science: Heat
HS Science: Light
HS Science: Gravity and Relativity
HS Science: Atmosphere and Weather
HS Science: Earth structure
Learning Targets
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