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Marketing Plan

No description

Justin Webber

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Marketing Plan

STA-Marketing Plan The Challenge Sport Training Academy (STA) Program is intense training with High-Energy incorporating Plyometric movements with the benefits of Yoga and Pilates to serve the muscles to work together with the (core) midsection known as the Abs. Sport Training Academy promotes quality over quantity (STA) program will challenge you to concentrate on precision and transition between movements so one can perform each movement with out momentum. STA Dynamic conditioning is designed to get you maximum results in the shortest amount of time. Benefits; Increased strength, endurance and conditioned toned physique most of all; increased metabolism. This will progress one from deconditioned to flexibility, coordination and core strength. Sport Training Academy Programs is an innovative approach to any fitness level (STA) also includes program design and exercise adaptations for your special needs Company Analysis Goals-Reach an ever growing market of individuals looking to improve their health and overall athletic ability
Strengths-More than 20years experience working with individuals of all ages and abilities, some of which have made a name for themselves in their athletic career.
Weaknesses-New market area with smaller network connections and no branding to the area thus far.
Competitor Analysis Strengths-Larger more familiar branding and affiliations through networking
Weaknesses-The ability ot be as flexible, and past experience in a similar market is not on par
-Market Strategies-
Advertisement-through Brand new website giving it a new appeal and more simplified and efficient site navigation.
Branding of clothes with companies logo to bring the name and familiarize market with companies logo
Price flexibility is a marketing point unlike other similar companies or gyms
Place- Flexibility of moving to a location better suited for the customer
Projections Market varies due to loaction and available customers effected by many factors SWOT ANALYSIS Enviromental Scan Internal External Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Price Flexibility
Place Flexibility
Strong Website/connection ability
Past knowledgeable experience Unfamiliar Name thus far
Slow progression due to man power and time to reach goals Very large market full of possible clientele
Use of many locations
Weather plays an important roll/ able to be outdoors year long/ allows for more outdoor group classes, which reaches more individulas in one session
Possibility to create a large network of affilaitons/sponsoring/advertising Larger more integrated companies already in the market
Economic slowdowns limits growth or even cuts current clientele

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