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Denver Airport

No description

Matteo` Lovece

on 4 June 2015

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Transcript of Denver Airport

Denver International Airport Conspiracy Theory
This shows a new Christ like figure that everyone has their attention to.
This shows the man has been killed and peace has returned to society. Also the doves have returned.
These runways are clearly shaped as a swastika. WHY?
Underground Bunkers
Wealthy and influential people have been known to purchase property close to this "secret base" such as Queen Elizabeth of England. Why would these famous people buy property in the middle of nowhere...
This stone was inserted into the airport shortly after completion. In the box it says in memorial for a date of 2094. Why? Also take notice of the arrow. It marks that this airport was created by the "New World Airport Commission." We find out there is no such thing...
This is carved under the man with the mask mural. AU stands for gold. AG for silver. But together it is Australian Antigen Virus, a deadly strain of hepatitis.
This shows a man is representing death with a trail of death behind him. Also take note he is killing a dove which resembles peace.
This shows that all humans and animals are living in harmony.
Prior to the building of the current airport, a series of 5 buildings were built at the same location. The supervisor of the original plan claimed there were flaws in the design and had the building buried in order to make room for a new plan. Why did they not just destroy the building? It would be cheaper and more efficient...
Time passed and sprinklers were installed inside these underground buildings. Now... why would you need sprinklers 300 feet underground in solid concrete buildings. Workers will not answer any questions.

Some believe this is linked with the man on the wall with the gas mask how those are gas chambers. Also linked with the engraving AU AG
Now that all of you have seen this evidence it clearly shows that something unordinary is going on here.
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