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Bud, Not Buddy

How does Bud grow as a character?

Scarlet Broderick

on 16 February 2011

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Transcript of Bud, Not Buddy

Bud Not Buddy
By: Christopher Paul Curtis Bud is distrustful and wary of others. Example:
Bud starts to change when Mr. Lewis's family takes care of him and gives him new clothes. The first time Bud realizes that he could use adults help was when he was late to the mission and couldn't go in. In the scene with the librarian, Bud also learns to trust people a little more. The pivotol changing point in the story is when the Dusky Devastators and Miss Thomas ask Bud to stay with them for a while and Bud becomes part of the band. Bud feels like he has a family again. This allows him to not be as distrustful and wary of others. At First: In the end: At First: Bud's personality changes completly. He is no longer distrustful and wary of others. I would say Bud is now trusting of others. He will probably stay with Herman E. Calloway (his grandfather) forever, now that he told Bud that he loves him. The first time Bud proves he is distrusful and wary of others is when he meets Mr. Lewis. One main relationship that changes Bud's personality os the relationship between Miss Thomas. At the Sweet Pea when Bud was crying, she said, "It is ok to cry Bud, you are home." This tells Bud that Miss Thomas wants to help Bud and cares about him. Bud knows he can trust Miss Thomas. Another pivotal changing point is when Bud finds out that Herman E. Calloway is his grandfather, and didn't know his daughter or Bud's mom had died. Then Herman E. Calloway tells Bud that he loves him.
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