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English 9 AA/Hon. Romeo and Juliet. Day 2: Tragic Flaws, Westside Story #1.

Introduction to the elements of romantic tragedy. Self-made 1-page romantic tragedy.

samuel cook

on 14 April 2015

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Transcript of English 9 AA/Hon. Romeo and Juliet. Day 2: Tragic Flaws, Westside Story #1.

Day 1
What is the greatest love story you’ve ever heard/seen/read? What made it so good?
Here's every love story you've ever read, heard, or seen.
Boy meets girl
And he's usually from the wrong side of the tracks.
So their love happens in secret.
But it's either discovered, or one of them does something stupid to break it apart.
They both mope around all heartbroken for a while.
But something dramatic happens to one of them that causes the other to say, "screw it, I forgive you! I can't live without you!" etc. etc. etc.
So they mend that broken heart all up, get back together, and it's a "happily ever after!"
The End!
Pretty accurate, right?
That's because since ancient times, almost every love story as followed that same format and included the same elements. These are often called character archetypes. Every story has them, and almost every love story follows the same typical format, but told from a different viewpoint or a different setting.
Can you name these modern romances?
Save the last dance.
Love and Basketball
Step up
Titanic especially borrows heavily from this quarter's focus, Romeo and Juliet. Why? Because Titanic IS Romeo and Juliet. On a boat. Take a second to let that one sink and, and you'll realize it's true.
But Titanic differs from most of these other romance stories we see and read about. Why?
The Romantic Tragedy
Titanic fits into the category of all the other typical romances and love stories we have, only with one difference: it doesn't end happily for the lovers.
This makes it a TRAGEDY.
All romantic tragedies have the same basic elements as well.
a love affair, esp an intense and happy but short-lived affair involving young people
a dramatic composition dealing with a serious theme, typically that of a great person destined through a flaw of character or conflict with some overpowering force, as fate or society, to downfall or destruction.
Quick love.
Usually at first sight. It’s not developed over time
Excessive love.
Not only does that love happen too quickly, but it’s too much too fast
Ignoring advice.
It’s a love that both people are warned against, but they ignore the warnings
Strong Opposition.
There’s always strong opponents on both sides warning against it
True blue friends.
The close friends, while wary of the choices, always stick by and support (and are often to blame when it fails for not doing the duty of a friend and keeping them out of the situation)
Both have flaws that lead to the eventual downfall of their love and sometimes their lives as well.
Overall, Romantic Tragedies focus on one thing: A downfall of the characters due to an excess of love or passion. I.e., their love fails because they don’t think things through, and instead simply focus on love and not consequences.
Today, you'll be creating your own Romantic Tragedy.
It has to be set in a modern time, with a modern theme.
Here's what I'm looking for:
At least 2 pages.
Modern theme.
At least 4 of the 6 recurring elements.
Need an Example? I have you covered.
1. Finish your story.
2. Upload or post your story to Edmodo, shared with the entire class.
3. Comment on at least one person's story.
4. Complete the "Romantic Tragedy Evaluator" assignment on Edmodo.
Day 2
What is one personality flaw that you have? How does that flaw negatively affect your life?
Do Now
Tragic flaws are like kryptonite to superman. It's a weakness that can't be stopped, and eventually it could lead to death.
Tragic Flaw:
the character defect that causes the downfall of the protagonist of a tragedy; hamartia.
Homer Simpson and addiction
John Hancock and recklessness. (Or, based on the movie's direct descriptions: being an asshole)
Now for the fun part:
If you were a protagonist in a Shakespeare tragedy, you would be dead by the end. But, what would your tragic flaw, or hamartia be? And how would you die?
"If I was a character in a Shakespearean tragedy, my tragic flaw would be _______________ because I _______________________________. This would lead to my downfall because I would ___________________________, and it would cause me to die by _____________________________________________________________________."
never ask for help
get into a sword fight
getting stabbed in the back by the friend I trusted the most
Do yours like this, and be prepared to share!
But what is "West Side Story"?
It is a modern take on Romeo and Juliet. West Side Story is about two teens, both associated with rival gangs (The Jets and the Sharks) in 1950s New York City. The Sharks (a puerto rican gang) are taunted by the Jets (A white gang).
Peter Griffin and childishness, as well as recklessness.
Superman and kryptonite
Our West Side Story Goals:
1. Determine what role characters in West Side Story play, as well as determining and analyzing their character, personality traits and flaws.
2. Breaking down the main events of the story, to later align these the main events in Romeo and Juliet
In your Dialectical Journals (Day 3)
1. Begin recording the names, roles and associations of each character as they are introduced.
2. Make predictions about what role they may fill from Romeo and Juliet (based on your prior knowledge of the Romeo and Juliet story).
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