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The Republic of Uzbekistan

No description

Nigora I

on 4 February 2013

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Transcript of The Republic of Uzbekistan

Kazakhstan Turkmenistan Afghanistan Tadjikistan Kirghizstan CHINA Uzbekistan Russia CENTRAL ASIA Tashkent history Quick Facts Celebrations Population: 28.5 mln people
80% uzbek; russian, tajik
Religion: 88% muslim; 9% eastern orthodox
Language: 75% uzbek; 14 % russian, etc By 1876 - colony of the Russian czarist rule
1917 - Bolshevik revolution in Russia
1924 - formation of the present-day Uzbekistan borders
1991 - declaration of a sovereign state; breakdown of USSR 8th of March - Women's Day
Navruz - 21st of March - New Year based on the Zoroastrian calendar
May 9th - Victory Day
January 1st
September 1st - Independence Day
December 8th - Constitution Day Samarkand Bukhoro Khiva Food Fashion Founded 700 BC
Capital of many empires
Large Tajik population Existed since 6th century
Different Turkic dialect Bazaar - heart of the society Resources 1. CIA factbook
2. Worldbank stats: http://www.worldbank.org/en/country/uzbekistan Dries Van Noten Oscar de la Renta Culture Our Values Hospitality
Community oriented society
Respect for elders International Relations Efforts to attract foreign investment
30JAN13 visit to Uzbek Chamber of Commerce - business representatives of SNC Lavalin, Bombardier, Foster Wheeler. (UzDaily.com)

Key US partner in the region (formerly US base)
Member of key international organizations Industry UzDaily.com: http://www.uzdaily.com/articles-id-21844.htm Tax preferences and incentives:
Free industrial-economic zone in Navoi city
Special industrial zone in Angren city Automotive:
GM Uzbekistan
UzDaewoo Auto Pharmaceutical Oil and Gas:
Lukoil, Gazprom, Uzbekneftgas, Petronas, Korea National Oil, China National Petroleum. Chemical production http://www.uzinfoinvest.uz/ 7. Navoi industrial zone: http://www.amcham.uz/ Early history Indo-Iranians - Bactria & Sogdiana
Zoroastrianism, Buddhism, Christianity
Nomadic Turks
8th century AD - conquest by Muslim Arabs Soviet Era Mongols & Timurids 13th - Mongol invasion
Late 14th - Tamerlane rule
Art, science & culture flourished 16-19th - 3 independent khanates
Bukhara, Khorezm and Kokand khanates Founded 500 BCE
Large Tajik, Jewish populations 12 Administrative provinces
1 Autonomous republic
Republic of Karakalpakstan 4th largest gold deposits
80 tons/year
5th largest exporter of cotton
Cu - 10th; U - 12th
11th in natural gas production
60-70 bln m^3/year
Petroleum - 0.59 bln barrels

GDP = $ 95.24 bln Natural Resources Transportation
Textile Industry Tashkent About 3 mln people
1st and still the only subway system in Central Asia During WWII - Tashkent known as "City of Bread"
1966 - earthquake destroys Tashkent. People throughout the USSR helped to rebuild. We love to eat!
Lots of lamb, baked products Each region has its own version of Pilaf Tomb of Tamerlane -
WWII invasion of Nazis Samarkand Bukhara People Dance & Music RAHMAT! ``Journey to Uzbekistan``
Nigora Isamiddinova 6 FEB 2013 3. American Chamber of Commerce in Uzbekistan 5. UzDaily.com News portal: 4. American-Uzbekistan Chamber of Commerce
http://www.aucconline.com/index.php?content_id=1 6. Information and Foreign Investments Promotion Agency Caspian Sea Aral Sea Iran
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