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Copy of Procter and Gamble M&A Gillette

No description

英哲 藍

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Procter and Gamble M&A Gillette

Vincent THOMAS
Charlene ROLLAND
Adrien TILHET PRAT Procter & Gamble welcoming Gillette A.G Lafley: CEO of Procter & Gamble
Jim Kilts: CEO of Gilette

“The P&G culture is more collaborative, open, and competitive than you may know it to be”
“They are not necessary”
RAJA GUPTA How did Lafley build trust with Kilts? P&G PROMISED TO DELIVER $1.0 TO $1.2 BILLION in cost synergies by year three
THEY WILL CUT JOBS FROM THE TWO COMPANIES : 5,000 to 6,000 of the total 140,000 jobs
They also committed to OBTAINING $750 MILLION IN REVENUE SYNERGIES by year three
They Called it a merger not an acquisition How did P&G managers try to do the same with members of Gillette Organization?
«  There was excitement  »
“we are joining a tremendous partner to create the best consumer products company in the world”
Gillette employee still wondered How would P&G integrate Gilette’s businesses into P&G’s business units Were they successful? Did Gillette trust P&G? Lafley wanted to use Gillette to create the "best consumer products company in the world".
Create a joint Global Integration STEERING COMMITTEE What sequence of actions did he take to initiate systematic change? Difficulties in communication: differences in interpretation
Strong commitment of P&G towards Gilette which led to anxiety among P&G employees
Cultural differences
Hard adaptation for both P&G and Gilette employees
P&G employees were feeling left aside
A huge merger Vulnerabilities of P&G Integration Planning Clear explaination of the cultures and values of P&G and Gilette
Creation of a new culture?
Continue to integrate Gilette manager into P&G teams
Create team synergies (eg. Renault & Nissan merger) What should change, remain the same or be added after the change of control? Emphasis on Gilette’s know-how
Gilette alliance with P&G was essential to create « the best consumer company in the world »
Clean & transition planning teams
Create new teams by integrating Gilette’s employees to P&G teams Social integration mechanisms What were the operational integration mechanisms? Integration tools and mechanisms Communication
Building and Sustaining Trust
Training Program
Career Planning
Counseling Human resources and integration Conclusion and Recommendation
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