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No description

Nasif Ahmed

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of Yellowstone

Yellowstone National Park
Wyoming, Idaho and Montana
Hot springs, geysers
Yellowstone National Park is 8990 square kilometres
It has the most geysers
Super volcano below yellowstone lake

Summer: Daytime= 25*C to 30*C, Nighttime= 0*C to 10*C
Winter: Daytime= -20*C to -5*C, Nighttime= Subzero
Spring & Fall: Daytime= 0*C to 20*C, Nighttime= -5*C to -20*C
- Lodgepole pine
- Engelmann
- Wyoming paintbrush
- Yellow monkeyflower

Common Species
Different types of animals present in Yellowstone:
_ River Otters
_ Moose
_ Pronghorn
- Coyote
- Osprey
- Trumpeter Swan
Location of Yellowstone National Park: USA Map
Human Threats to the Environment
Visitor Experience: Snowmobilers
Killing Bison: Ranchers
Aquatic Invaders: Fishermen, Boatmen
2 million years
1.2 million years
600,000 years
246 cubic miles of debris
Basin or Caldera made through last eruption
1988 Fire
Possible Solutions
Change location of ranches
Vaccinate the Brucellosis infected bison
Replace snowmobiles with something more eco-friendly
Reduce amount of visitors at Yellowstone to a minimum
Human history
11,000 years
Native americans
Work Cited
What can you do?
- Take care of Yellowstone's thermal features
- Pack out your trash and recycle
- Get involved
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