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by Krista, Eric, Jadyn, Free

No description

Krista Mougey

on 18 September 2015

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Transcript of by Krista, Eric, Jadyn, Free

-97% English
-2% Spanish
-1% other
-45% White
-30% African
-20% Scandinavian
-5% Asian

Function of Government
-maintain social order
-provide public services
-provide security and defense
-provide for the economy
-60% ages 31-45
-25% ages 0-14
-5% 15-21
-4% 21-31
-6% 45+
Thank you!
Providing Public Services
-building sewer systems, laying utility lines, paving roads, water supply system, public schooling
by Krista, Eric, Jadyn, Free
Maintain Social Order
-making and enforcing laws
-allows citizens to plan for the future
-taxes and draft
We, the people of Poptropica, will at all costs try to prevent wars, provide public security, help our fellow people feel safe, and help to stabilize our economy.
Poptropica, as a democratic society, will let the people elect who they choose and will let freedom be the first choice. We will be an invisible hand to our economy, only guiding as need be. The people are free to make their own choices and run their own business.
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